APAC Insider Australian Enterprise Awards: Most Dedicated Mental Health Addiction Support Provider 2024 Most Compassionate Alcohol & Drug Addiction Support 2022

The 8 Paces is a social initiative I created and launched; my gift to anyone affected by family members, friends or colleagues who abuse substances (alcohol, drugs, other). Their abuse – and those who spiral out of control into addiction – and subsequent behaviours are a heavy load for us to deal with and manage hour to hour, day to day. The 8 Paces is a powerful, playful, non-judgemental guide on how to lift us in turbulent times.

I’ve lived in and navigated through a hellish environment since 2009 and it continues. This has been brought about by the behaviour of a violent and self-destructive alcoholic and drug addict, my son; along with his non-stop hospital visits (especially in ICUs), and continual legal issues. The 8 Paces guides and supports me and doesn’t leave my side. It’s my constant companion and confidant.

Allow the 8 Paces to flow through you, helping you flip insanity to in sanity and soar!

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