Answering selection criteria examples

FREE Selection Criteria Samples | Advisor (Commonwealth Games)

This particular repeat business client applied for the role of Advisor for the Commonwealth Games in a State (QLD) Government department which resulted in an interview. A two-page statement was requested to address five selection criteria/capabilities/competencies. Following are full excerpts from two of the criteria. Communicates clearly. I use well-developed verbal and written communication skills when liaising with TTT’s External Affairs team; they regularly deal [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Responses | Grammar School Development Director

This client applied for the role of Development Director at a Grammar School in Victoria and secured a job interview. Aside from preparing a well-developed resume, I also helped create a 2.5 page cover letter addressing six criteria. Following are full examples addressing three of the selection criteria. Developing, driving and executing strategic plans. Much of my experience in the education sector has centred on [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Examples | Personal Assistant (PA) Local Government

This repeat business client applied for the role of Personal Assistant (PA) in local government in Tasmania, breezed through the job interview stage, was offered and accepted the role. This was a big application requiring the addressing of 10 selection criteria; all were addressed in 4 pages. Following are excerpts from 3 of the selection criteria. Demonstrated ability to exercise initiative, judgement and discretion and [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers | Customer Compliance Officer

This client gained a job interview, was offered the role and accepted. Four selection criteria required addressing with a 200-word limit for each. Following are full examples for two of the criteria. Please provide an example of your understanding of the abilities required to work in a team based environment where you contribute to the overall culture and performance of a workplace. I recently worked [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Samples | ABS Field Interviewer

This particular client applied for the role of ABS Field Interviewer in the Australian Public Service (APS) – Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Five criteria required addressing at a maximum page length of half page each. They included Interpersonal Skills, Communication, Achieving Results, Technical Aptitude, and Past Experience. My client was called up for a job interview but was unable to attend due to a [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Responses – Student Development Advisor

This repeat business client once again gained another job interview in the Tertiary sector in Victoria; this time it was for the role of Student Development Advisor. A total of seven criteria needed to be addressed for this application; following are full excerpts of two of the criteria. Knowledge of current theory and practice of, and experience in applying a developmental approach to student advising. [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Examples – Assistant Consultant

This client applied for the role of Assistant Consultant in State (Qld) Government and gained a job interview. A two-page statement required addressing the following 7 selection criteria: Customer Focus, Educating Others, Continuous Learning, Continuous Improvement, Problem Solving, Work Values, and Technical Knowledge. Following are full excerpts from three of the criteria. Customer Focus: In my most recent role as Assessment Officer at the HHH [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers – Student Wellbeing Counsellor

This particular client applied for the role of Student Wellbeing Counsellor in the Tertiary/Higher Education Sector and gained a job interview. As is typical with university applications, many of them require the addressing of numerous Essential and Desirable criteria. This application required the addressing of six Essential criteria; one of the rare few applications, where only a small number of criteria were stipulated. Overall, the [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Samples – Web Officer State Government

This particular client applied for the role of Web Officer in State (Queensland) Government, gained an interview, was offered the role and gladly accepted. The stock standard five Capability Leadership Framework (CLF) criteria – Supports Strategic Direction, Achieves Results, Supports Productive Working Relationships, Displays Personal Drive and Integrity, and Communicates with Influence – required addressing in a two-page statement. Following are excerpts from three of [...]

Free Selection Criteria Responses – Coordinator, Civil Law Legal Aid Scheme

This particular client applied for the role of Coordinator, Civil Law Legal Aid Scheme within State (Qld) Government, and progressed to the interview stage. Five selection criteria required addressing. Following are excerpts from two of the criteria. You can analyse, comprehend, interpret and apply procedures and guidelines to make decisions. You ideally have knowledge of legal practices and process, particularly in relation to civil procedures [...]