Addressing selection criteria can be a time-consuming, frustrating and complex undertaking for those who are new to the process, even for those of you who have attempted them many times. Research has shown that it takes the average person a solid 21 hours of work to prepare and suitably address selection criteria (an average of five criteria with a 500 word length limit for each criterion).

Since July 2009 I have been posting a wide range of selection criteria examples, selection criteria answers, selection criteria responses, and selection criteria samples; for the primary objective of providing you with assistance in the process of addressing selection criteria.

Please keep reading my blogs on my Blog page filed under the ‘Addressing Selection Criteria’ category; or by viewing them in the monthly archives from July 2009 onward. Following is a summary of all the blogs I have posted to date addressing selection criteria across diverse roles and levels within the government (at federal, state and local levels) and the tertiary sectors.

Service Desk Liaison Officer … Blog posted on 8th Aug 2013
Finance Officer … 1st Jun 2013
Administration Officer … 5th May 2013
VET FEE-HELP Coordinator … 1st Apr 2013
General Designer … 1st Feb 2013

Senior Funding Policy Officer … 1st Dec 2012
Executive Assistant … 1st Nov 2012
Test Analyst … 1st Oct 2012
Accountant … 1st Sep 2012
Administration Officer … 1st Jul 2012
Senior Case Officer … 1st Jun 2012
Centrelink Call Performance … 1st May 2012
Executive Officer Admissions … 1st Apr 2012
Claims Services Officer … 2nd Mar 2012
Dietitian/Nutritionist (Graduate) … 1st Feb 2012

Ranger … 1st Dec 2011
Schools Liaison Officer … 1st Nov 2011
Assistant Director, Client Services … 11th Oct 2011
Customer Service Manager Centrelink … 2nd Sep 2011
orporate Information Officer … 1st Jul 2011
ATO Debt Collection Officer… 7th Jun 2011
Coordinator, Community Engagement … 2nd May 2011
Assistant Director Document Quality Improvement … 1st Apr 2011
Team Leader Centrelink … 3rd Mar 2011
Policy Manager … 1st Feb 2011

Business & Investment Officer … 3rd Dec 2010
Allied Health Professional … 4th Nov 2010
Business Support Officer … 13th Oct 2010
Finance Officer (Debt Management) … 2nd Sep 2010
Team Member Centrelink … 1st Aug 2010
Project Support Officer … 2nd Jul 2010
Senior Manager … 2nd Jun 2010
Auditor … 1st May 2010
Team Supervisor … 1st Apr 2010
Tutor Children Services TAFE … 1st Feb 2010

Event Coordinator … 14th Dec 2009
Finance & HR Assistant … 13th Nov 2009
Academic Program Officer … 15th Oct 2009
IT Project Manager … 13th Sep 2009
Graduates in Accounting, Commerce and Finance … 20th Aug 2009
Customer Service Call Centre Operator … 24th Jul 2009


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Annie Cerone