LinkedIn Talent Solutions: Emerging Jobs: Australia – The fastest growing jobs in the country, named the top 6 soft skills in demand as revealed in a US survey where 1200+ hiring managers were surveyed. The soft skills include adaptability, culture fit, collaboration, leadership, growth potential, and prioritisation.

Drawing out depth for the collaboration, growth potential, and prioritisation skills can encompass the following:

Communication (verbal and non-verbal or body language); interpersonal; influencing/persuading; mediating; delegating; diplomacy; coaching/mentoring; leadership; presentation; tact and empathy; cooperation; support (team, client and stakeholder); teamwork; negotiation; listening.

Growth potential:
Managing own learning; using a range of learning mediums (mentoring, peer support, networking, IT/digital/online, courses); applying learning to technical and people issues; enthusiasm for ongoing learning; willing to learn in any setting on and off job; open to new ideas and techniques; prepared to invest time and effort in learning new skills; acknowledging need to learn to accommodate change.

Time management; organisation; prioritisation and re-prioritisation; resource planning and management; project coordination; efficiency; productivity; deadline/timeline setting; task coordination; task delegation; job/project goal setting; continuous improvement planning; forward planning; risk evaluation

Soft skills are harder to measure than hard skills. Hard skills are teachable skills; the ones you learn in an educational/training setting (in person and online) and associated training material. Hard skills include accounting; legal; mathematics; computer and other technical (for example, navigating smartphone, download and use of apps); data analysis; foreign language; driver and other licences; certificates and so forth.

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