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Resume Writing Tips: Soft Skills and Hard Skills | Employability Skills Revisited

LinkedIn Talent Solutions (2018): Emerging Jobs: Australia – The fastest growing jobs in the country, named the top 6 soft skills in demand as revealed in a US survey where 1200+ hiring managers were surveyed. The soft skills include adaptability, culture fit, collaboration, leadership, growth potential, and prioritisation. Drawing out depth for the collaboration, growth potential, and prioritisation skills can encompass the following: Collaboration: Communication [...]

Resume Writing Strategy | Best Resume Tips for 2018

Let me introduce you to Jade Anderson who is a guest blogger. Jade has written a strong article outlining some of the best resume tips to use in your resume writing strategy for 2018. A resume/CV is and has always been the most important tool in the search for a job. Resumes are the first point of contact between you and the recruiter. Resumes are [...]

Resume Writing Tips | Transforming Responsibilities and Skills into High Impact Achievement-Based Statements

I have been veering well away from developing boring responsibility-based resumes and eliminating repetition from job-to-job when overhauling clients’ resumes. Instead, I apply a lateral thinking approach in drawing out outcomes or achievements in relation to the responsibility performed and categorising and showcasing these statements under key skill areas. Where a particular responsibility cannot be drawn out to indicate an achievement/outcome, then my primary objective [...]

Resume Writing Tips | Applicant Tracking System (ATS): What You Need to Know!

The majority of the best and most suitable candidates do not make it through the initial applicant tracking system (ATS) screening process. Only 25% of applicants make it through the first stage of ATS screening before their written documentation is seen by a person. Presently, over 93% of organisations in Australia use ATS. Those not using ATS are small family-owned business or one-person business operations. [...]

Resume Writing Tips | Big Resume Writing Mistakes to Avoid

The following mistakes made on resumes are the biggest ‘killers’. Based on my extensive experience in assessing, shortlisting, designing and developing resumes; combined data generated from repeated surveys – employers and recruiters surveyed – continually reinforce the following mistakes are the biggest turn offs when considering prospective candidates based on their resume. Getting the resume right is the job of the candidate and it takes [...]

Resume Writing Tips: Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – Proof in the Metrics

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez is a nationally recognized resume expert operating out of the USA, is President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast, and was recently named 2016 BEST Resume Writer. It is a great pleasure to feature one of her invaluable articles on my blog. Please click the following link (ATS Infographic) to read this highly informative article on ATS stats in infographic form and loaded with [...]

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Resume Writing Tips – 5 Reasons Why a Visual Resume Might Not Be a Good Idea

Mary Frenson is a guest contributor to my Blog. She has written a very interesting article. Please read on… In a competitive job market, most candidates are interested in new, exciting ways to help their resume stand out from the crowd. With the explosion of visuals in the online world on sites such as Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram it is no surprise that many are [...]

Resume Writing Tips – How to Include Non-Professional Experience in Your Resume

David Grover is a guest writer to my Blog page. He has written a comprehensive article on how to incorporate non-professional experience in your resume, cover letter and other supporting documentation (when requested). Enjoy the reading Show off your real-world experience — it might just help you land your dream job! Contrary to how it sounds, there is immense value in sharing non-professional experience when [...]

Resume Writing Tips – Simple Hacks for Beating Automated Resume Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Amelia is a guest writer to my Blog page; she has written an interesting article on the ever prevalent ATS, which is becoming a huge problem for job seekers everywhere. Enjoy the reading. Essentially, you pour your heart and soul into the perfect resume that you’re sure will be a winner, only to discover that a human never has and never will see it. Like [...]

Resume Writing Tips – Turning Career Challenges into Great Resume Achievements

Jayne Blake is a guest writer on my blog; she has written an informative article on how you can turn your career challenges into your greatest career achievements. Failure is unavoidable. In fact, most people think failure is necessary for us to learn and grow into stronger, smarter beings. When you feel like you have failed, it can be hard to write your resume and [...]