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Yes, I review documents FOC. This takes time; therefore, I set limits on the number of documents. If you want your resume overhauled, email a maximum of two (2) versions along with up to three (3) job links/ads/ descriptions of roles you want to target. The same applies to selection criteria. However, if you email resume and selection criteria documents in one email, I’ll concentrate on reviewing one document type first; when this is completed, I’ll then review the other.

I do not require payment prior to work commencing unless you reside/work overseas. The majority of other professional resume services request full payment or at least a 50% deposit prior to the commencement of work. When the draft is ready, I’ll email the invoice. Proof of payment is all that is needed and I’ll then email you the first draft.

Yes, I do offer an express service when my schedule permits; and no, I do not charge an additional fee. I have frequently started and finalised documents on the same day or within 24 hours. Simply email or call me first to find out whether my schedule permits.

I allow for as many drafts as needed at no extra charge. On average, the editing/drafting process can take up to three (3) drafts; sometimes, slightly more. Any minor edits (for example, insertion of a course you recently completed) after the document is finalised will not incur additional charges.

You can take a deep breath and relax as I have three (3) backup systems and I never delete work I have done for clients (unless they request). Contact me and I’ll email all the documents I have developed for you. You can use my business as a backup service where you have my guarantee all your documents are safely and securely stored.

I no longer provide resume samples to prospective clients. Over 90% of them who asked for a sample never contacted me again, and all of them ‘promised’ they would get back to me. Every client is different and so is the work required in developing their resume. I create resumes from scratch and do not use templates. I am prolific in sharing my intellectual property and examples of work via monthly posts of selection criteria examples on my Blog page since 2009. All these examples have gained interviews for clients and they serve as a testament to the work I do and my credibility.

Yes, I deal with numerous clients on any given week who are from across Australia and overseas. Frequently, face-to-face meetings are not scheduled as my clients simply do not have the time to meet and many reside/work outside of Brisbane. Therefore, documentation is developed and disseminated via email and phone discussions take place throughout the process from start to finish.

Resume by Design is both a nationwide and overseas professional resume and career development service. Aside from my Australian clients, overseas clients have spanned from all walks of the globe: New Zealand; Papua New Guinea; Canada; USA; Asia (Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines); Africa (South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya); Middle East; and Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France).

I recommend you visit my Blog page; Addressing Job Selection Criteria category. Since 2009, I have posted selection criteria examples that have won interviews for hundreds of my clients. This is a great reference tool as it provides you with strong examples of how selection criteria should be addressed. Thereafter, we can consult on the process moving forward if you have a job you want to apply for requiring the addressing of selection criteria.

Cover letters are very important and should accompany your resume, especially for roles in the private sector. A standard cover letter should not exceed one (1) page unless otherwise specified. The cover letter is an introductory document that should ‘pack a punch’ and make a dynamic first impression.

I do not use templates or develop a ‘one-size-fits-all’ document. I create and tailor resumes to showcase each client’s achievements, experience and skills. The key is to develop content and to format the resume so the first two pages ‘pop’, look sharp, make an impact and contain relevant information. Resumes should capture the reader’s attention within seconds; they average two (2) to three (3) pages; at the most, four (4) pages.

The first draft documentation is turned around on the day of work commencing; at the latest, the next day. Dependent on how quickly my clients jump on their emails to return the document with changes, the final draft is often completed within 24 hours.

You may question the quick turnaround. I am a highly productive individual, I work smart. The bulk of my clients’ requests are deadline-driven; I am in a fortunate and enviable position with my working methodology that I can deliver on these deadlines. Importantly, quality is a guarantee!

Nine (9) key points of difference:

  1. No initial deposit or full upfront payment is required. I request payment when the first draft is completed and in readiness for emailing.
  2. Turnaround of written documents is on the same day or within 24 hours at the latest.
  3. Consultation pre-service, during and post-service is always free of charge (FOC).
  4. Pricing is affordable with discounts provided if more than one service is requested simultaneously and for repeat business in the future.
  5. Highly flexible; I modify my time to suit clients’ availability; I consult and meet with clients after hours and on weekends.
  6. Provision of a prompt, personalised and high-quality service. Clients deal with me exclusively from the outset and communication is ongoing throughout the process.
  7. Service clients throughout Australia and overseas across all continents.
  8. Services are ongoing post-payment; I welcome the opportunity when clients re-establish contact with me to ask for advice or feedback on their career progression.
  9. Posting of regular blogs on selection criteria examples since 2009 from actual job applications that have won job interviews for hundreds of clients and they’re FREE! HR professionals and clients (prospective, new, and existing) from across Australia have heralded them as an invaluable resource tool.


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