Every resume created is tailored, customised and commands attention within seconds so you stand out over the competition. They are a unique document that reflects your achievements, experience, skills, qualifications, professional development. The focus is on developing substantive content as well as layout so information jumps off the page, especially on the first page. This will give you the confidence to move mountains. Quality is guaranteed and always comes with the package.

Time and time again I have reviewed resumes that have been structured using antiquated, cookie-cutter templates that are long, repetitive, unattractive and just plain boring. Poor resume content and layout impact negatively in a very big way. The following is a true story … In one month, three clients commissioned my resume writing services. They did not know each other nor were they in the same field. Their resumes used the exact same template which was seven pages in length. Further, the first four pages were structured the same as well as content, demonstrating the exact same skills!

Resume by Design offers a resume writing service that produces applicant tracking system (ATS)-friendly resumes (master documents); specifically designed to showcase your achievements, experience and skills. Your resume is developed so it is ATS-friendly to the core; facilitating progression to the next stage of the recruitment process, getting seen by a real person and helping you secure job interviews!