I have been using most of Annie’s services since 2008. Annie got me into Federal Government at APS4 level through high quality selection criteria where I gained an interview and the job. I have progressed (through Annie’s help in writing required documents) to EL1 level, which is middle management. Every time I have used Annie to write selection criteria, statements with specified word length limits, and developing and updating my resume, I have always gained interviews. I can say with certainty that I would not be at this level in Federal Government if it wasn’t for Annie’s help and her high quality professional services, especially with the written component.

Reshelle D - Assistant Director, APS Government

I recently started working at one of the Big 5 banks in downtown Toronto which is my dream company to work for and progress in my career in the sector. I thank Annie Cerone wholeheartedly for all her help and in facilitating this step in my career – it would never have been possible without her help! I have referred Annie’s services to family members as they were very impressed with the resume she developed for me; they have made contact and begun the initial phase with her in re-developing their resumes.

Tahrima M – Business Management Analyst, Canadian Banking Sector

Annie’s advice and recommendations in relation to writing my job application were top class and spot on. Without her help I am certain I would not have been successful in securing my public service position. She was extremely generous with her time and very understanding but also frank and no-nonsense in her approach. I could not be more appreciative of her advice or more willing to recommend anyone.

Sue T - Librarian

‘A no nonsense resume that showed real world value’. This was the feedback I received from the hiring management team after submitting my resume developed by Annie. I have used Annie’s service three times already securing an interview and ultimately the position on each occasion. This is a 100% success rate! Furthermore these positions were within different industries and at least one step of progression from my previous role. Annie challenged and encouraged my thinking and helped me to understand my value, strengths and skills. Annie is highly astute and direct in providing unbiased feedback by assessing my suitability and readiness for the advertised role. She provokes my mindset into thinking why I would be the most suitable candidate and helps prepare me to handle and navigate through the pressures and challenges of interview situations.

Tim S – Branch Manager

I have commissioned Annie Cerone over the past few years to develop all my documentation and referred many colleagues to her services. As I progressed through the ranks of QLD Government, strangely my confidence started to wane. I came back to Annie as I knew she would help me with my motivation, confidence and help ‘spark’ me up again. This time around I used Annie’s Job Interview Coaching service. What an intense, mind-expanding and richly-rewarding one hour coaching session we had. Annie prepared specifically tailored questions that made me think laterally and very much outside the box, yet maintained logic all the way through. She pinpointed what I thought were weaknesses and demonstrated how these were in fact strengths. She made me realise that the ‘monkey on my back’ holding me back was all self-doubt. Annie grabbed this self-doubt and exorcised it from me. WOW. I went into that interview calm, confident, self-assured, assertive and anxiety-free; I blitzed it and climbed the next rung from SES Band 1 to Band 2. Thank you as always Annie!

Sara T – Senior Executive Service (SES), QLD State Government

I was referred to Annie Cerone by an executive recruitment agency who highly recommended her work. I presented Annie with my existing resume (a long seven-page document) filled with numerous high-end responsibilities across senior level finance roles I had held over the years. I valued Annie’s directness and honesty when she spent a good half hour explaining strategy on how she could market me more effectively on paper and get the important stuff to come across on the first couple of pages. She made me realise the importance of demonstrating quantifiable outcomes/results in a concise manner and how filling your resume with day-to-day responsibility-based tasks does not win anyone over. I was sold in that first half hour and when she emailed me the first draft I was a huge fan. My revamped resume has led to several interviews and I can only thank Annie for this result.

Jason T – Finance Director

I contacted Annie at Resume by Design to redevelop my resume and other documents. It was a fantastic resume that grabbed the recruiter’s attention. Prior to finding and using Annie’s services it took me months to get a job interview, but once I started sending Annie’s newly formatted and rewritten resume it worked like a magic. It only took me around 10 days to secure a role.

Farzama M – Network Support Engineer

I have been using Annie Cerone’s business services at Resume by Design for a few years now. Her work has always produced results – job interviews and more! I recently used Annie’s services again to completely overhaul my resume to showcase achievements categorised under key skill areas. I submitted my application on the closing date which was a Sunday and was called up on the next day to schedule an interview within 48 hours. I was advised that 32 people applied for the role but they were only interested in interviewing me! Apparently the selection panel said my resume was fantastic and so well set out – they loved it!! I thank Annie because I truly believe it was this document that made the panel sit up and take notice – a clear stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Veronika T – Human Resource (HR) Professional

I cannot speak highly enough regarding the interactions I have had with Annie over recent weeks. Annie is efficient, to the point, understanding and has impeccable attention to detail. Her ability to dig deep and extract the substance of a person and then translate this into a professional, attention-grabbing resume is second to none.

Lisa Cutts – Sales Associate

I encourage anyone to utilise the services of Annie Cerone at Resumes by Design for any government application irrespective of level. I utilised Annie’s services to assist me with my application for an APS EL2 role which had a short lead time. I have to say I was in awe of her knowledge with regards to the application’s criteria component; specifically, in understating the actual guts of each criterion and matching each one to the role and stipulated capabilities from the examples provided. Overall, Annie’s professionalism and speed of work output and turnaround from initial draft through to final was unbelievable. I have no hesitation in recommending Annie and will certainly utilise her wonderful skills again in the future should it be required.

J.A. – Acting Director