I am super impressed with how much Annie knows about the job market of the industry I am in (not a lot of people do!) She was very knowledgeable, patient and straight to the point. I could not be happier with the results. Excellent communication skills and quick turnaround. Thank you, Annie! PS: if you have been thinking about how to generate a great resume, cover letter or key selection criteria, Annie knows what she is doing! You will not be disappointed.

Mirna Yogiaman | Qualified Dietitian and Registered Nurse (RN)

The best resume service around! I’ve sent out a few resumes that Annie has put together for me in a very timely manner and received call-backs the next day for interviews. Annie has been very fast with responding to my questions and provides excellent advice. Definitely worth it if you’re struggling with writing down your experiences on paper like me.

M V | Electrician

I’ve had a fantastic experience with Annie. She really helped by breaking down and explaining what the application requirements meant and what they were looking for, tailored to my work experience. The final products were exactly what I was looking for and she was a great sounding board for the entire process. Thank you Annie.

Lauren Allen | Administration and Business Support Officer

Annie is the best resume writer I have ever seen. She is so efficient and knowledgeable to give constructive feedback to help with my application. She is thorough and asks for specific details to make sure I am the best person for the position. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help. Thank you Annie. It was a pleasure chatting with you.

Joey Lam | Dietitian with Masters Qualifications

With over 20 years of experience, I was struggling to condense and rewrite my resume in a way that made sense. I contacted Annie from Resume by Design for assistance. After a discussion with Annie and a series of questions, Annie was able to rewrite my resume in a way that was more cohesive and professional. I am very happy with the final result. Thanks Annie.

Amber H K | Senior Administrator

I have been a fan of Annie’s website and skills for ages and have referred and recommended people to use her website and services to gain an edge in a competitive job market. I knew that when the time came I would need to modernise and get a new profile and that Annie would be the only call I’d make. I did and 10 out of 10 is my recommendation.

Kelli Sadler | Executive, Psychological and Health Services

I have been engaging with Annie for over 7 years throughout multiple positions in my career. Annie’s expertise has absolutely gained me the opportunity to interview and successfully gain two of my key roles in Government leadership positions. I recommend Annie to all my associates looking to express interest in roles who have also had success in using her services.

Jennifer Dullens | Director, Sales and Marketing

This is an excellent website. Annie really knows her stuff. I have been doing panels, reviewing and writing my own applications for years, and often get stuck. She really is just so good at understanding exactly what is required. It is a pleasure to see such a professional.

Robyn Shapcott

Annie is amazing! After years of hit-and-miss job applications I have been submitting, I decided to engage Annie. Annie works with you to bring out your best examples and pitch at the correct level with integrity. Annie clearly explained I had been pitching at a lower level with my previous examples with the language I had used. I would never have come to that realisation on my own. Her turnaround time is very quick! The whole process made me feel confident. Thanks again Annie!

Kellie Asher | Team Leader, APS Government

Trying to impress and move up in your career can be difficult so Resume by Design has been a great help with getting my job applications to the next level. When I feel as though I’m punching above my weight in an application, Annie’s enthusiasm and way with words have never let me down and I’ve always secured an interview.

Chris Little | Forensic Expert, Technical Research & Design