Pricing in Australian dollars (AUD) with no GST (GST exempt):

Custom Resume:
Tier 1 (Non-professional / Non-management): $250–$450 | Tier 2 (Professional / Supervisory / Management): $450–$650 | Tier 3 (Director / Executive / C-Suite): $650–$850. Pricing is indicative; for example, Tier 2 could apply to executives who have existing resumes containing strong content. Upon reviewing your current resume and the type of role(s) you’re targeting, exact pricing in the relevant tier range will be provided. Learn More »

Resume Update:
This service applies to repeat clients who have previously paid for the Custom Resume service as outlined above. Exact pricing will be determined on the evaluation of work to be undertaken. Learn More »

Cover/Application Letter:
Tier1: $80–$100 | Tier2: $100–$130 | Tier3: $130–$160. Pricing is for a standard one (1) page letter and does not include addressing selection criteria. Learn More »

Selection Criteria:
Exact pricing will be determined based on the stipulated maximum character or word length limit for each criterion; or overall word or page length limit to address all the criteria, statement of claims, pitch, expression of interest (EOI), and so forth. Learn More »

Job Interview Coaching:
30-minute session: $170 | 60-minute: $290. Pricing includes the preparation of questions and a FREE post-interview debriefing session. Learn More »

LinkedIn Profile:
Exact pricing will be provided after initial consultation and evaluation of the work to be undertaken in developing the profile. Learn More »

Two payment options to choose from for all resume services:

(1) EFT deposit:

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(2) PayPal:

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Fees for resume services are non-refundable. If you decide to discontinue and work has commenced, you will be invoiced for the amount of time spent on the work undertaken prior to and up to the time of cancellation. This amount is payable immediately. For a charge not to be incurred, cancellation must be made prior to work commencing.

If you have more questions, please visit my FAQ page or contact me directly.