Your LinkedIn profile is a superior online media platform. Online presence and the correct branding to market you effectively and competitively is a must these days. What is your point of difference over other competitors? What have you achieved professionally, academically, in the community and so forth? These areas must be showcased in your profile.

If you are primarily using the LinkedIn platform as an online job search tool, then your profile must be specifically developed and tailored to help you stand out from the pack and get you noticed. Importantly, this will then help you in the next stage as you utilise LinkedIn to network, promote and market you!

I have developed my LinkedIn profile to showcase points of difference over my competitors (primary factors that make me stand out from the others); achievements and career/business milestones; key areas of expertise; and it is written in a more conversational style in first person. I would suggest using the same methodology in developing your profile to market you effectively. Importantly, the key difference in developing your profile over your resume is that it be conversational in nature, personalised, in narrative form and more of a story-telling style.

Contact me to discuss further or request pricing in order to develop a well-presented, high-impact and impressive LinkedIn profile. Prices can vary dependent on the work that needs to be done; hence, making contact with me to discuss the work involved.

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