cover letters of five star quality are created with the aim of capturing the attention of employers and getting you noticed

Cover letters or applications letter – both terms are used interchangeably – are fundamentally sales letters that must exude confidence. You can maximise your chances of securing an interview writing solid cover letters tailored to suit each job.

Resume by Design provides a cover letter writing service which will facilitate and maximise your chances of gaining an interview. The service provided in this regard will be in writing a solid cover letter that will demonstrate you understand the job requirements, you have matching skills and experience, and you are genuinely interested and enthusiastic about this specific opportunity.


The following cover letter writing checklist outlines several very important tips when preparing cover letters:

  • Keep your letter to one page unless otherwise specified; a cover letter is structured like an essay – introduction, body and conclusion. A cover letter must always contain a minimum of three paragraphs; keep it to a maximum of five.
  • Always include a letter with your resume which addresses the specific requirements of the role in relation to stipulated qualifications,  experience, skills and  attributes.
  • Write a new cover letter for every application especially when applying for jobs in different fields; or, you can create a standard template and use it to slightly modify for each application in the same field.
  • Keep sentences short and use easily understood language.
  • Never ever handwrite your letter, always word-process.
  • Do not state information in the cover letter that can be found in your resume; paraphrase the information.
  • Add a sentence or two about why this employer and the position is right for you.
  • Use bullet points (but not excessively) when listing skills, attributes and so forth.
  • State how your achievements, skills and attributes that set you apart from all other applicants.
  • Provide all your contact details.
  • Spell-check, grammar-check, ‘typo-check’, and left-align your cover letter.

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