Receiving career guidance is a must in this competitive job market. Have the following questions crossed your mind lately?

  • Strategic career guidance and coaching helping to direct your move forwardAre you wanting to change careers from one field to another (for example, are you a tradesman who has been working on the tools and now wants to target customer service roles across a variety of industries; or a Finance Director who has worked in the private sector and now wants to target roles as teacher in the educational sector, and so forth)?
  • Are you wanting to change from one industry sector to another in your field (for example, private to government, or tertiary to not-for-profit, and so forth)?
  • Are you wanting to progress and move upward in your field in which you hold current or recent experience (for example, moving from line management up to a middle management role)?
  • Are you wanting to go back into a field in which you worked that dated back over ten years ago?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, then this Strategic Career Guidance Service is for you!

I work in collaboration with you to plan your move and guide you through each step to facilitate your progression and new direction. I use a holistic approach by listening carefully to what you are saying both directly and indirectly, picking up on any nuances that can be big telling signs; by assessing your employability skills, strengths and importantly, job-related likes and dislikes; by assessing job market conditions (for example, if you are looking to change careers and move into a certain field, and research indicates that this is an area which is highly saturated in a specific city or region, I will advise accordingly); and by advising whether further education/studies would serve you well to get you there! Please note that I do not use psychometric measurement tools.

Contact me to discuss further and to request pricing. Prices can vary dependent on how many sessions are needed; sometimes as little as two will do the job to help steer you and get you moving. The first 20 minutes of the session will be gifted to you free of charge (FOC)!

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