Would you like to know what other industry professionals are not telling you, which could potentially save you hundreds (even thousands) of dollars? In this book, you will discover what to look out for so you can make a more informed decision on whether it is worth your time, effort and dollars in applying for a role; the ‘hidden’ agenda embedded in role descriptions which is a giveaway in terms of the candidates they will give preference to in the selection process, and much more! This book is a must if you’re looking at changing your career and/or industry sector.

You’ll read and learn about one of my clients who before finding my services had used other services over a six-month period to apply for roles in State (WA) Government. They paid up to $2,000 to have selection criteria developed by these services and did not get to the interview stage for any of the roles. I advised they were targeting the wrong roles in one of the toughest departments to break into, along with the fact the applications were poorly written with no specific examples using the STAR model. She was astounded by my honesty and that I didn’t want to take her money until I recommended a more suitable role to apply for in a department that was easier to break into. When you’ve got your foot in the government sector, the sky’s the limit! The same applies across all sectors of the job market.

Written for the Australian job market yet highly applicable and relevant to many countries.