Rissen-Harrisberg is a prominent body language expert who claims 93% of a message is delivered through body language, facial expression, vocal tone and inflections.

Non Verbal: 55% what the interviewer(s) sees and 38% what they hear.

Verbal: 7% what you say.

Dr Jurgen Ruesch is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California who posits that we communicate by means of approximately 700,000 different nonverbal signals.

People believe the body language before they believe the words, so it is important to sit forward, use appropriate gestures and show enthusiasm. It is vital to accentuate positive body language throughout the job interview from start to finish.

Following is a list of common-sense tips:

► Handshake: must be firm, not limp, no sweaty hands.
The handshake is the #1 non-verbal gesture that can make you or break you at the interview, and it all starts at the beginning, at the initial meet-and-greet.

► Make eye contact when listening and talking.
Eye contact must be established and maintained from the get go, at the initial meet and greet.

► Maintain an alert but relaxed posture.
Sit tall, stand tall, walk tall – height projects confidence!

► Look and stay attentive and interested.
Reflecting inattentiveness and disinterest through your body language/non-verbal signals will indicate you are not interested in the role, not engaged in the job interview process, ill-prepared, lazy, and disrespectful.

► Avoid nervous mannerisms.
These can include fidgeting and chewing your nails (signs of nervous distraction); crossing your arms (implies defensiveness); touching your face (implies deceptiveness); leaning back in your chair or handling objects on the desk (implies overconfidence).

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Annie Cerone