For State (QLD) Government applications, the Leadership Competencies for Queensland (LCQ) is the new framework that has replaced the previous Capability Leadership Framework (CLF). The LCQ contains 3 competencies (Vision, Results, Accountability) across 5 streams or levels (Individual Contributor, Team Leader, Program Leader, Executive, Chief Executive). The LCQ is an adapted and more streamlined framework that incorporates CLF competencies.

The 3 main competencies are broken down, categorised and described; and are aligned with corresponding behavioural indicators for each of them.

  • Vision competencies (4 in total): leads strategically, stimulates ideas and innovation, leads change in complex environments, makes insightful decisions.
  • Results competencies (4): develops and mobilises talent, builds enduring relationships, inspires others, drives accountability and outcomes.
  • Accountability competencies (3): fosters health and inclusive workplaces, pursues continuous growth, demonstrates sound governance.

The competencies across all 5 streams are the same. The behavioural indicators against each competency are the key. That is, examples using the STAR model must capture these indicators; not all of them, they serve as a guide to steer you.

Typically a two-page limit is stipulated; therefore, a stellar and strong application would include three STAR examples in total, one for each of the three competencies – Vision, Results, Accountability. In contrast to the CLF framework where you were required to address selection criteria individually, with the LCQ framework, you develop examples that demonstrate the competencies (specifically, the indicators) across your examples. I recommend that each of the three examples cover at least 50% of the behavioural indicators. My recommendation is based on the ongoing significant results in securing interviews for clients using this strategy.

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