Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Networking & Industry Night

It is rare I recommend events to my readers; however, this event is one that you really should consider. The event will leave you inspired with opportunities that are unfolding in South-East Queensland. Property, technology, and marketing combine in an excellent event that will change the way you see sales and communication. This would be a great opportunity to attend for those of you in [...]

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Networking and Career Development Resources: Small Business Resources for Women-Owned Businesses is a newly created site which provides comprehensive resources for women business owners and entrepreneurs. Resources include a wealth of information, from fundraising advice through to grants, loans, and ventures capital, to tips to connect with different professional organisations designed to support women. To find out more, please click on the following link: Cheers, Annie Cerone

Expand Your Networking Opportunities

For those of you who are interested in expanding your networking opportunites for job search, career development or business development purposes, please find following a list of links I've compiled for you. These links include organisational bodies where you can join membership and attend networking functions, as well as online networking websites: Australian Businesswomen's Network (ABN): Australian Institute of Management (AIM): The Source: [...]

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10 Tips for Effective Professional Networking

Following is a valuable article featured in HR Leader's e-newsletter, written by David Owens, Managing Partner of HR Partners on how to make the most of your networking opportunities. Please click on the following link to read: I'm here to help market you! Cheers, Annie Cerone

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Job Selection Process – Part II: More on the Informal Approach

Following on from my previous blog titled 'Job Selection Process and Psychometric Testing' dated 1st July 2009, I’d like to share more real-life experiences with you.   Example 1: A few months back I revamped a resume for a gentleman who had over 20 years senior management experience and had established several successful and profitable businesses. I met him face-to-face to deliver final product at his [...]

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