Motivational Strategies

FREE Career Information Seminars

Last night I attended a very informative free-of-charge (FOC) 2-hour seminar/workshop in the Brisbane suburb of Morningside. The seminar was conducted by Gayl Regina (who is the Founder and Director of Inspirational Life) and her highly motivating team and business associates. The workshop was titled: ‘The Top 5 Mistakes People Make in their Career and What to Do About It!' For the entire session, the [...]

Winning Salesperson Attributes

Well-Run Concepts conducted research to quantify what is needed to be an effective Salesperson. A comprehensive, validated, step-by-step process called the TrimetrixTM system was utilised to determine what is needed for top performance. The data revealed the top 7 attributes: 1. Results Orientation: Maintaining focus on goals; Identifying and acting on removing potential obstacles to successful goal attainment; Implementing thorough and effective plans and applying [...]

Job Interview Techniques – Develop the right mindset & think positively!

It’s all about the power of positive thinking – it takes you places and moves you forward. Essentially, we as humans give off a lot of energy; you get what you give off so to speak! If you walk into a job interview feeling and/or thinking negative, there is no doubt that this will affect your performance to some degree. It is important the affirmations [...]

Improving Your Interpersonal Skills

Solid interpersonal skills are essential in the workplace. If you cannot connect with the people around you, your professional life will suffer. Interpersonal skills include empathy, listening, mediating, negotiating and persuading. Here are some helpful tips for improving your interpersonal skills: 1. Smile often and maintain a positive cheerful attitude; be friendly and upbeat. 2. Appreciate and pay attention to others by praising people around [...]

Get Motivated and Beat Procrastination at Work

We all lack motivation on occasion, particularly when we dislike or feel overwhelmed by a task at hand. But there are procrastinators who habitually immerse themselves in busy work to avoid tasks that must be done. Procrastination basically means avoiding doing tasks which need to be done, sometimes doing them at the last minute or sometimes never doing them at all. The psychological price we [...]

Motivational Guidance – Recommended Reading

Motivation is a complex thing. Why are some of us more motivated than others? Some of us are born with a natural motivational streak; others need a little push and guidance; and some individuals have no motivation what so ever (I know a few of these people). Motivation is driven by both intrinsic and external factors. I myself belong in the category of individuals who [...]

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