Job Selection Process

Resume Writing Tips | Applicant Tracking System (ATS): What You Need to Know!

The majority of the best and most suitable candidates do not make it through the initial applicant tracking system (ATS) screening process. Only 25% of applicants make it through the first stage of ATS screening before their written documentation is seen by a person. Presently, over 93% of organisations in Australia use ATS. Those not using ATS are small family-owned business or one-person business operations. [...]

Latest Trends on Psychometric Testing and Assessment

HR Leader posted an article in July 2010 outlining the latest trends on the importance of using psychometric testing in the recruitment and selection process. The process for any company to hire a new employee can be quite expensive. HR Leader states that many companies incur costs in high turnover and unsuitable new employees as a result of their HR departments not utilising a reliable [...]

Job Selection Process – Part II: More on the Informal Approach

Following on from my previous blog titled 'Job Selection Process and Psychometric Testing' dated 1st July 2009, I’d like to share more real-life experiences with you.   Example 1: A few months back I revamped a resume for a gentleman who had over 20 years senior management experience and had established several successful and profitable businesses. I met him face-to-face to deliver final product at his [...]

Job Selection Process Changes

I would like to share with you some details on an interesting excerpt in the ‘Recruiter Daily' I read this morning regarding a charter that has been developed (its still in draft form), which will be open to changes pending the results of a large survey being undertaken on current recruitment processes (both with recruitment agencies and employers). The charter covers up to 10 key [...]

Job Selection Process and Psychometric Testing

Psychometric assessment or testing is frequently used early on in the job selection process (in conjunction with the job interview) with its key aim of providing the employer with a profile of the candidate and how they would fit into the workplace. Research has shown that traditional interviews do not work so employers are incorporating assessment to tighten up their recruitment. Psychometric testing is used [...]


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