Undercover Recruiter posted a very interesting article today claiming that Twitter is the best career site over LinkedIn. Click on the following link: Undercover Recruiter’s article to read the article.

My professional philosophy and recommendation to those of you who are active job seekers is not to place all your eggs in one basket. Following is a classic and recent example. Only yesterday I was giving advice to a prospective client who is a qualified and experienced Mechanical Engineer and has not held a job/contract since December 2014. I asked her what job search tools and strategies she was employing. Her response was that she was only using LinkedIn to apply for roles. I advised her that she was seriously limiting her chances of securing a role by only using one tool, and that LinkedIn was not necessarily the best site to use. I recommended that she use other social media sites, and to construct a targeted campaign in contacting companies directly – via email and phone – in industries that employ candidates with her qualifications.

I place great value in LinkedIn as an invaluable platform; however, I do not make the most of Twitter. That said, if I was a job seeker, I would absorb and employ all possible online platforms – Twitter would certainly be one of them – and other strategies. It is a highly competitive and very tough job market out there – use all you got to put yourself out there and market/promote yourself in front of other candidates.

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Annie Cerone