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Australian and Global Skills Shortage in the Engineering Profession

Shortlist posted a very interesting article in December 2010 providing insight into the crisis on the serious short supply of engineers at both a national and global level. A recent report produced by the Australian National Engineering Taskforce (ANET) stated that the engineering talent shortage was crippling construction and development in Australia, and that the skills shortage was chronic. Presently, more than half of the [...]

Global Job Market – Renewed Confidence

Senior Executives across 90 countries took part in wide-ranging survey conducted earlier this year. The survey found that 52% of respondents believed global jobs growth would bounce back and recover this year. Further statistics indicated that 17% believed the recovery would begin in the first half; 39% believed things would not improve until 2010; and 9% said it would take two years or more. Moreover, [...]

Working Overseas in Dubai

Over the past few months I have had an increasing number of clients who have consulted with me on their desire to work overseas especially in Dubai. The attraction is increasing and why not, the opportunity on my levels would be rewarding, however long you wish to reside and work in Dubai. Expatriates are enjoying a totally new lifestyle with a wide range of career [...]


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