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Job Market Australia | Latest Skill Shortages Nationwide 2016-17

The Australian Department of Education conducted extensive research in the 2016-17 financial year. The details contained in the research are essentially a summary showing only skilled occupations for which the research suggests there are shortages or recruitment difficulties. Each list – National, State and Territory – reflects research undertaken to 30 June 2017, which was published in August 2017. Further information in this regard should [...]

Job Market Australia – Top 10 Graduate Employers

HC Online posted an interesting article in late February 2017 which outlined the most sought-after employers based on results from a survey conducted by GradAustralia; 14,000 students were surveyed across 38 universities. Top 10 employers (in no particular order) categorised by industry sector follow:  Accounting and advisory – Deloitte  Banking and financial services – Commonwealth Bank  Construction and property services – Arup [...]

Australian Job Market – 10 High-Paying Jobs No Degree Needed!

CareerFAQs published an article on 20 October 2016 outlining the Top 10 jobs you can target and secure in Australia, surprisingly where a university degree is not essential. Senior Executives from large multi-nationals are valuing and taking into greater consideration, hands-on experience over degrees. This fresh attitude no doubt will trickle down to medium and smaller scale organisations in time, if not already. The top [...]

Job Market Australia – Ageism; an Escalating Issue with No Solution in Sight

The Sydney Morning Herald published on 3 September 2016 a detailed and upfront outlook on the problem of ageism and age discrimination within the Australian workforce and its impact on unemployment on mature age individuals. The article was written by Anna Patty and titled: ‘Caught in an unemployment netherworld: too young to retire, too old to get a job’. Ricci Bartels who is 63 years [...]

Job Market Australia – ‘Creativity’ is the skill that 65% more employers want

Eryk Bagshaw, Education Reporter with the Sydney Morning Herald posted an online article today (29th May 2016) on a skill that employers highly value and want in their candidates and employees. One entrepreneur who was interviewed said that all creativity comes back to a customer focus. THE TOP 15 OCCUPATIONS REQUIRING CREATIVITY: 1. Advertising professional 2. Sales representative 3. Multimedia specialist and web developer 4. [...]

Australian Job Market – Job & Employment Growth in Service Sector

Australia is realising job/employment growth hitting a new 10-year high. The economy’s service sector is the reason for this, taking over where the mining and manufacturing sectors left off. Health care has seen the biggest growth with 152,000 jobs created since November 2014. Growth in other key sectors includes Retail, IT, Financial Services, and Administration. Health care is now the nation’s biggest employer. Source: The [...]

Australian Job Market – Talent and Skills Shortage for 2014

According to ManpowerGroup’s global Talent Shortage Survey, 41% of Australian employers are struggling to find job candidates with the right skills despite unemployment sitting at 5.8%. This reflects that the employment landscape is very complex. However, the survey results showed a softening of the labour market, with the percentage of employers struggling to fill roles falling from 50% in 2012, to 45% in 2013, and [...]

Australian Job Market – Top 10 High Paying Jobs Not Requiring Degree Qualifications

CareerFAQs posted an interesting article early this month outlining the jobs where you can make a lot of money (a solid six-figure salary or more) and do not need a university degree to secure them. The top 10 highest paying jobs in Australia where you would be earning salaries well above the average national income of $56.3k include: 1. Air transport professionals Potential salary range: [...]

Australian Job Market – Latest Skills Shortages Report

The Department of Employment recently released their 2013 Skills Shortages Australia report. The report was undertaken in consultation with over 5,500 employers and utilised data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Department of Education, Graduate Careers Australia (GCA), and the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER). Trade skills high in demand included: - Automotive: automotive electrician, motor mechanic, small engine mechanic and panelbeater. [...]

Australian Job Market Trends for 2014

According to recruitment company Hays, Australia’s job market in 2014 is heading for strong growth; a big area of growth in 2014 will be crossover roles. Hays’ Managing Director in Australia and New Zealand states: “Australia’s economy is maintaining momentum and consumer confidence is strong heading into 2014; the economy is expected to grow by 2.8% in 2014, at a slightly faster rate than in [...]