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Job Market Australia | #1 Tip to Help You Decide to Apply for Government Jobs

There are three (3) levels of Government in Australia: first level, Australian Public Service (APS), also known as Commonwealth or Federal; second level, State and Territory; and third level, Local which comprises individual Councils across all States and Territories. When jobs are advertised across the 3 levels, a contact person with their phone number(s) and email is listed. This is the person to contact to [...]

Job Market Australia | Job Skills Shortage 2023 | Top 10 Jobs with Biggest Pay Rises

The Australian government department Job and Skills Australia published their recent 2023 Skills Priority List (SPL) Key Findings Report in September 2023. You can access the full report here. The skills shortage in Australia persists and is significant. Top 20 largest employing occupations in shortage in 2023 SPL: Aged or Disabled Carer Retail Manager Primary School Teacher Secondary School Teacher Truck Driver Electrician Child Care [...]

Job Market Australia | Job Skills Shortage Update 2023

The Australian government department Job and Skills Australia published their recent quarterly Labour Market Update Report. You can access the full report here. The skills shortage in Australia persists and is significant. Top 20 occupations in demand nationally for the October to December 2022 quarter: Registered Nurses Software and Applications Programmers Aged and Disabled Carers Child Carers Construction Managers Motor Mechanics Retail Managers Chefs Generalist [...]

Job Market Australia | Top 20 Most In-Demand Jobs due to COVID-19

Human Resources Director (HRD) posted an article earlier this month outlining how COVID-19 has created opportunities in the job market. Now is the time to consider how your transferable skills could apply to any of the following in-demand jobs. This is an opportune time for you if you’ve been thinking about changing careers and undertaking further training or studying. I recommend you select a training/study [...]

Job Market Australia | Occupational Skills Shortage 2017-18

The Department of Jobs and Small Business assessed and rated occupational skills shortages in 2017-18 period across the nation, broken down across each state and territory and occupation. A detailed listing can be found be selecting the following link: Skill Shortage 2017-18. A brief snapshot of skills shortages for occupations at a national level follow: PROFESSIONALS Design, Engineering, Science and Transport Professionals: - Architect - [...]

Job Market Australia | Mining Industry Boom on Again – Get on Board!

There is less enthusiasm this time around from Australian candidates in applying for jobs in the mining industry as revealed by organisations/employers in this sector. The majority of jobs are currently being filled by migrant workers. Two key States (Queensland and Western Australia) are the big players and recovering well from the severe downturn which occurred between 2012 and 2016. “According to the latest data [...]

Job Market Australia | Latest Skill Shortage NT 2016-17

Details are from the extensive research on Skill Shortages conducted nationwide in 2016-17 by the Australian Department of Education. This post reveals partial figures for the State of NT. State-wide shortage: - Optometrist - Pharmacists (Hospital, Retail) - Occupational Therapist - Physiotherapist - Panelbeater - Plumbers - Chef - Cabinetmaker - Solid Plasterer - Tilers (Roof, Wall, Floor) - Telecommunications Trades Workers - Baker - [...]

Job Market Australia | Latest Skill Shortage WA 2016-17

Details are from the extensive research on Skill Shortages conducted nationwide in 2016-17 by the Australian Department of Education. This post reveals partial figures for the State of WA. State-wide shortage: - Childcare Centre Manager - Sonographer - Audiologist - Locksmith - Stonemason - Plasterer - Tiler (Roof, Wall, Floor) - Telecommunications Trades Workers - Baker - Hairdresser Shortage in regional areas: - Early Childhood [...]

Job Market Australia | Latest Skill Shortage SA 2016-17

Details are from the extensive research on Skill Shortages conducted nationwide in 2016-17 by the Australian Department of Education. This post reveals partial figures for the State of SA. State-wide shortage: - Sonographer - Civil Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians - Automotive Electrician - Motor Mechanics (General) - Bricklayer - Painting Trades Worker - Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics - Childcare Worker - Locksmith - Stonemason - [...]

Job Market Australia | Latest Skill Shortage TAS 2016-17

Details are from the extensive research on Skill Shortages conducted nationwide in 2016-17 by the Australian Department of Education. This post reveals partial figures for the State of TAS. State-wide shortage: - Sheetmetal Trades Worker - Panelbeater - Vehicle Painter - Bricklayer - Painting Trades Worker - Cabinetmaker - Audiologist - Locksmith - Stonemason - Solid Plasterer - Tilers (Roof, Wall, Floor) - Baker - [...]

Job Market Australia | Latest Skill Shortage VIC 2016-17

Details are from the extensive research on Skill Shortages conducted nationwide in 2016-17 by the Australian Department of Education. This post reveals partial figures for the State of VIC. State-wide shortage: - Architect - Sonographer - Midwife - Automotive Electrician - Sheetmetal Trade Worker - Panelbeater - Vehicle Painter - Carpenters and Joiners - Painting Trades Worker - Chef - Locksmith - Baker - Hairdresser [...]

Job Market Australia | Latest Skill Shortage ACT 2016-17

Details are from the extensive research on Skill Shortages conducted nationwide in 2016-17 by the Australian Department of Education. This post reveal partial figures for the Territory of ACT. State-wide shortage: - Civil Engineering Professionals - Audiologist - Optometrists - Motor Mechanics - Panelbeater - Bricklayer - Plumber - Locksmith - Glazier - Roof, Wall and Floor Tilers - Telecommunications Trades Workers - Baker - [...]

Job Market Australia | Latest Skill Shortage NSW 2016-17

Details are from the extensive research on Skill Shortages conducted nationwide in 2016-17 by the Australian Department of Education. This post reveals partial figures for the State of NSW. State-wide shortage: - Child Care Centre Manager - Surveyor - Sonographer - Architectural Draftsperson - Civil Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians - Panelbeater - Bricklayer - Carpenter Shortage in metropolitan areas: - Architect - Sheetmetal Trades Worker [...]

Job Market Australia | Latest Skill Shortage QLD 2016-17

Details are from the extensive research conducted nationwide in 2016-17 on Skill Shortages by the Australian Department of Education. This post reveals partial figures for the State of QLD. State-wide shortage: - Special Education Teacher - Medical Diagnostic Radiographer - Optometrist - Motorcycle Mechanic - Panelbeater - Bricklayer - Cabinetmaker - Butcher and Smallgood maker Shortage in regional areas: - Hospital and Retail Pharmacist - [...]

Job Market Australia | Latest Skill Shortages Nationwide 2016-17

The Australian Department of Education conducted extensive research in the 2016-17 financial year. The details contained in the research are essentially a summary showing only skilled occupations for which the research suggests there are shortages or recruitment difficulties. Each list – National, State and Territory – reflects research undertaken to 30 June 2017, which was published in August 2017. Further information in this regard should [...]

Job Market Australia – Top 10 Graduate Employers

HC Online posted an interesting article in late February 2017 which outlined the most sought-after employers based on results from a survey conducted by GradAustralia; 14,000 students were surveyed across 38 universities. Top 10 employers (in no particular order) categorised by industry sector follow:  Accounting and advisory – Deloitte  Banking and financial services – Commonwealth Bank  Construction and property services – Arup [...]

Australian Job Market – 10 High-Paying Jobs No Degree Needed!

CareerFAQs published an article on 20 October 2016 outlining the Top 10 jobs you can target and secure in Australia, surprisingly where a university degree is not essential. Senior Executives from large multi-nationals are valuing and taking into greater consideration, hands-on experience over degrees. This fresh attitude no doubt will trickle down to medium and smaller scale organisations in time, if not already. The top [...]

Job Market Australia – Ageism; an Escalating Issue with No Solution in Sight

The Sydney Morning Herald published on 3 September 2016 a detailed and upfront outlook on the problem of ageism and age discrimination within the Australian workforce and its impact on unemployment on mature age individuals. The article was written by Anna Patty and titled: ‘Caught in an unemployment netherworld: too young to retire, too old to get a job’. Ricci Bartels who is 63 years [...]

Job Market Australia – ‘Creativity’ is the skill that 65% more employers want

Eryk Bagshaw, Education Reporter with the Sydney Morning Herald posted an online article today (29th May 2016) on a skill that employers highly value and want in their candidates and employees. One entrepreneur who was interviewed said that all creativity comes back to a customer focus. THE TOP 15 OCCUPATIONS REQUIRING CREATIVITY: 1. Advertising professional 2. Sales representative 3. Multimedia specialist and web developer 4. [...]

Australian Job Market – Job & Employment Growth in Service Sector

Australia is realising job/employment growth hitting a new 10-year high. The economy’s service sector is the reason for this, taking over where the mining and manufacturing sectors left off. Health care has seen the biggest growth with 152,000 jobs created since November 2014. Growth in other key sectors includes Retail, IT, Financial Services, and Administration. Health care is now the nation’s biggest employer. Source: The [...]

Australian Job Market – Talent and Skills Shortage for 2014

According to ManpowerGroup’s global Talent Shortage Survey, 41% of Australian employers are struggling to find job candidates with the right skills despite unemployment sitting at 5.8%. This reflects that the employment landscape is very complex. However, the survey results showed a softening of the labour market, with the percentage of employers struggling to fill roles falling from 50% in 2012, to 45% in 2013, and [...]

Australian Job Market – Top 10 High Paying Jobs Not Requiring Degree Qualifications

CareerFAQs posted an interesting article early this month outlining the jobs where you can make a lot of money (a solid six-figure salary or more) and do not need a university degree to secure them. The top 10 highest paying jobs in Australia where you would be earning salaries well above the average national income of $56.3k include: 1. Air transport professionals Potential salary range: [...]

Australian Job Market – Latest Skills Shortages Report

The Department of Employment recently released their 2013 Skills Shortages Australia report. The report was undertaken in consultation with over 5,500 employers and utilised data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Department of Education, Graduate Careers Australia (GCA), and the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER). Trade skills high in demand included: - Automotive: automotive electrician, motor mechanic, small engine mechanic and panelbeater. [...]

Australian Job Market Trends for 2014

According to recruitment company Hays, Australia’s job market in 2014 is heading for strong growth; a big area of growth in 2014 will be crossover roles. Hays’ Managing Director in Australia and New Zealand states: “Australia’s economy is maintaining momentum and consumer confidence is strong heading into 2014; the economy is expected to grow by 2.8% in 2014, at a slightly faster rate than in [...]

Australian Job Market – Latest and Worrying Trends

I do not like to be the bearer of bad news but for those of you who are becoming increasingly disheartened with your job search endeavours, do not take it personally. Here the latest facts which will reflect that the problem is external to you: - Unemployment is rising toward 6%. - Unemployment amongst the age group 15 to 24 years has reached over double [...]

Australian Job Market – Occupational Job Growth

In DEEWR’s newly-released Australian Jobs 2013 report, the roles expected to grow fastest over the next five years include accountants, teachers, carpenters, and dental assistants. The report said the strongest growth of 16% over five years was expected among information professionals, which includes mathematicians, archivists, curators, economists, policy analysts, and librarians. Health, welfare and support employment were major areas of likely jobs growth as predicted [...]

Australian Job Market – Jobs in Demand 2013 posted an article in early May 2013 revealing the most in demand jobs. The latest Clarius Skills Indicator has revealed that Managers are in short demand across five key areas. The Clarius Skills Indicator shows a dramatic shortage of managers across a range of industry sectors in the March quarter, while there is an oversupply of skilled labour in other sectors. For those who [...]

Australian Job Market Outlook – 10 Jobs Projected to Grow

The online resource Career FAQs posted an article in the middle of April 2013 which listed 10 jobs/careers projected to grow in the next few years. They include (in no particular order):  - Graphic/web designer and illustrator  - Psychologist  - Fitness instructor  - Nursing support and personal care worker  - General manager  - Veterinary nurse  - Welfare support worker  - Mining engineer  - Human resource [...]

Australian Job Market – Job Vacancies Plummet Nationwide

The Australian job market is not doing at all well; the number of vacant jobs is declining which of course is making it much harder for people to find work. A comprehensive ABS national survey of vacancies revealed that job vacancies fell 8% in the past year. The most dramatic slide has been in public sector vacancies. Recently elected state governments have cut public service [...]

Australian Job Market 2012 – Top 10 Skills Shortage

HC Online posted an article on the 7th February 2012 outlining the latest skills shortages across the nation. The latest skills index has revealed a severe undersupply of skilled labour in corporate services and engineering, and both require a ‘high level and immediate response' by organisations. The skilled labour supply was measured by Clarius group across 20 specific occupations. As a result, many companies are [...]

Australian Job Market: 2011-12 Industry Growth and Decline

According to business information research firm IBISWorld's latest forecast, the oil and gas production industry was highlighted as this year's top industry performer with revenue growth predicted to increase by 18.3% in 2011/12. Conversely, gaming and vending machines manufacturing was named as the worst performing industry, with a forecasted revenue fall of 12.6%. Full lists are outlined below. IBISWorld's Top 10 growth industries for 2011/12: [...]

Australian Job Market – Findings on Current Recruitment Processes

According to a new and recent survey (of approximately 800 professionals) conducted by Robert Walters, it was revealed that the two biggest influences on job-seekers' opinions of an employer are: the length of the recruitment process; and the person(s) conducting the interviews. The survey showed that over 75% of prospective employees were turned off a job/employer by a lengthy recruitment process. Specifically, the research found [...]

Australian Job Market Forecasted Growth Occupations

In this Saturday's (7 May 2011) Courier-Mail's CareerOne section, an article titled ‘Electricians in Demand' stated that this particular occupation will be one of the biggest growth occupations in the next five years. The forecast is outlined in the 2011 Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Industry Employment Projections report. The report indicates that three key industries will require the skills of electricians including [...]

Australian Hiring Forecast for 1st Quarter 2011

The Recruiter Daily posted an article on 19th January 2011 outlining 1st quarter (January to March) 2011 hiring forecasts across all States. According to recent research conducted by Hays, hiring ‘hotspots' are forecasted to be in the following sectors: Accounting and finance (commerce and industry) - project accountants, project accountants, commercially-focused finance managers and commercial managers, analysts, management accountants, accounts receivable and credit controllers; Architecture - [...]

Australian Job Market 2011 and 5-Year Projected Forecast

Happy New Year! Forecasts indicate that job market growth for 2011 and the forthcoming years across many sectors are looking very positive. Based on reported November 2010 hiring figures, Manpower's latest Employment Outlook Survey reports the services and mining and construction sectors have the strongest hiring intentions for the first quarter of 2011. The services sector (encompassing professions such as lawyers, accountants, business consulting, IT [...]

Australian and Global Skills Shortage in the Engineering Profession

Shortlist posted a very interesting article in December 2010 providing insight into the crisis on the serious short supply of engineers at both a national and global level. A recent report produced by the Australian National Engineering Taskforce (ANET) stated that the engineering talent shortage was crippling construction and development in Australia, and that the skills shortage was chronic. Presently, more than half of the [...]

Australian Job Market – Mining Sector Update

In a report prepared by the National Resources Sector Employment Taskforce (NRSET) a few months back, according to new estimates, 61,500 new operational jobs will be created in the mining sector by 2015 as a result of increased production to keep up with demand from Asia; and tens of thousands more in the construction stages. Construction jobs were expected to peak at 45,000 in 2012 [...]

Australian Job Market Skills Shortage Update for 2010

The Recruiter Daily posted an article on the 15th July 2010 outlining the current skills shortage within the Australia job market, specifically within the manufacturing and construction sectors. According to a report from the Australian Industry Group, over half of the vacancies listed in the first half of 2010 remain unfilled. These positions included metal fitters, machinists and engineers. The hardest to fill vacancies included: [...]

Australian Job Market Forecast for 2010-11

The Recruiter Daily posted an article today forecasting the best and worst growth industries in Australia for 2010-11. IBISWorld forecasts the top five growth industries will be: (1) Organic farming; (2) Online information services; (3) Insurance brokerage; (4) Mobile telecommunications carriers; and (5) Alternative health therapies. The least five growth industries include: (1) Insulation services; (2) Wired telecommunication services; (3) Paper manufacturing; (4) Video hire [...]

The Future of the Australian Job Market is Looking Promising

The Recruiter Daily posted an article this morning providing an optimistic outlook into the future of the Australian job market based on recent research. A quick snapshot... Unemployment has already peaked nationally and is on a downward trend. WA posted the most promising figures across all the states with QLD second. On a national scale the following industry sectors are predicted to rise in the [...]

More on the Australian Job Market Forecast for 2010 posted an employment news article toward the end of January 2010 predicting week-to-week improvement and growth in the Australian job market. Commentary from human resource industry professionals on growth forecasts for each state is also featured: Cheers, Annie Cerone

Australian Job Market Update and Forecast for 2010

The latest job market forecasts indicate overall growth in 2010 within the Australian job market. Hiring across all the states is set to rise with growth in key industry sectors. Australia is the fastest recovering nation in the Asia-Pacific region as documented in the latest quarterly figures compiled at the end of 2009. On a global scale, Australia also ranked quite high in recovery with [...]

Job Market Confidence

Research has shown that despite the weaker job market, confidence among recruiters has risen slightly. Some 44% expected an increase in business in the coming quarter. Recruitment companies in some areas were still seeing strong trading conditions, particularly in healthcare and education. However, over the past two years demand has changed markedly in some sectors. The volatile job market has brought about some big changes [...]

Job Market Statistics

Latest statistics (from the Australian Bureau of Statistics) for the December quarter 2008 reveal that full-time employment has risen, part-time work has decreased, overall employment was up, and the participation rate has increased 0.1 percentage points to 65.1%. During December quarter 99,000 jobs went unfilled. Despite the growing economic downturn, there were still 39,000 unfilled professional jobs and 60,000 unfilled trades jobs during the December quarter. [...]

Job Market Skills Shortage Update

The latest Robert Walters Salary Survey (conducted across five states including NSW, QLD, WA, SA and VIC) based on actual placements made during 2008, found that demand still existed for candidates in a number of areas including highly experienced sales talent; project management and change management candidates; and HR professionals specialising in OHS or industrial relations. Other sought after candidates included: compliance and risk management [...]

Job Satisfaction Statistics

What percentage of the Australian working population do you think are satisfied with their jobs? Here’s what the latest figures show provided by CMyPeople/Galaxy Research in 2008.   1. Working Australians totaling 2.2 million are generally dissatisfied in their chosen job, career or profession. Now, I don’t need to tell you that this is a huge chunk of the Australian working population.   2. More [...]

Brisbane Career Transition Expo in March 2009

On March the 6th and 7th 2009, Brisbane will be hosting a major career expo focusing primarily on mature-aged individuals over the age of 35 considering a career change. Featured exhibitors will include the Brisbane City Council, Woolworths, CareerOne, the Australian Taxation Office, Defence Force Recruiting, Flight Centre and Bunnings. In light of current economic conditions, statistics have shown that the skills shortage will remain [...]

Job Skills Shortage

Following on from last week’s blog on the current Australian job market, let’s look at the shortages within the professions first up. Regardless of current job market conditions, the demand for accountants is outstripping supply on a local, national and global level. The shortage of accountants in Australia is reaching critical level. There is a continuing gap between the supply of domestic accounting graduates and [...]


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