There are three (3) levels of Government in Australia: first level, Australian Public Service (APS), also known as Commonwealth or Federal; second level, State and Territory; and third level, Local which comprises individual Councils across all States and Territories. When jobs are advertised across the 3 levels, a contact person with their phone number(s) and email is listed. This is the person to contact to learn more about the role.

There is one fundamental question to ask them, and their answer will be the deciding factor in your decision to proceed with preparing and submitting your application. If time is on your side in terms of the deadline/closing date, I always advise my clients to call the contact person first and ask the following question:

“Is this a newly created role or is someone acting in this role?”

If they confirm there is someone in the role, it inevitably always goes to the incumbent. A lot of the time they don’t even bother interviewing external candidates, especially those who aren’t working in the government sector.

If you call and they’re not available, leave a message and send an email as well. If you haven’t heard back from them within 48 hours, then follow up. Two follow up attempts at most. If they don’t return your call/email, this is another sign that it’s not worth your time applying for the role. This speaks volumes revealing poor etiquette on their part and so much more!

You stand a better chance if the government department/agency is recruiting more than one person for the role, so look out for those and give them a go.

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Annie Cerone