Details are from the extensive research on Skill Shortages conducted nationwide in 2016-17 by the Australian Department of Education. This post reveals partial figures for the State of VIC.

State-wide shortage:
– Architect
– Sonographer
– Midwife
– Automotive Electrician
– Sheetmetal Trade Worker
– Panelbeater
– Vehicle Painter
– Carpenters and Joiners
– Painting Trades Worker
– Chef
– Locksmith
– Baker
– Hairdresser

Shortage in metropolitan areas:
– Surveyor
– Civil Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians
– Motor Mechanics
– Metal Fabricator
– Bricklayer

Shortage in regional areas:
– Physiotherapist
– Welder (First Class)
– Radiocommunication Technician

Recruitment difficulty:
– Accountants
– Civil Engineering Professionals
– Registered Nurses
– Plumbers
– Agricultural Consultant/Scientist
– Veterinarian
– Web Developer
– Analyst and Developer Programmers
– ICT Security Specialist

Recruitment difficulty in regional areas:
– Child Care Worker

Recruitment difficulty in metropolitan areas:
– Medical Diagnostic Radiographer

Further information and a comprehensive full listing should be viewed in the context of the more detailed analysis available at: National Skills Shortages 2016-17


Annie Cerone