The Australian government department Job and Skills Australia published their recent 2023 Skills Priority List (SPL) Key Findings Report in September 2023. You can access the full report here. The skills shortage in Australia persists and is significant.

Top 20 largest employing occupations in shortage in 2023 SPL:

  1. Aged or Disabled Carer
  2. Retail Manager
  3. Primary School Teacher
  4. Secondary School Teacher
  5. Truck Driver
  6. Electrician
  7. Child Care Worker
  8. Sales and Marketing Manager
  9. Carpenter
  10. Chef
  11. Waiter
  12. Motor Mechanic
  13. Solicitor
  14. Fitter
  15. Construction Project Manager
  16. Marketing Specialist
  17. Software Engineer
  18. Hairdresser
  19. General Practitioner
  20. Project Builder

Do any of these occupations align with a change in career for you?
If you’re thinking of changing your job, consider this list and let it help guide you in your decision-making moving forward. Some of the roles do not require extensive study; a Certificate II or III through TAFE would suffice and does not require a long investment of your time.

The Australian Financial Review report outlined the findings of a survey on the top jobs with the biggest pay rises in Australia and nine (9) of them were entry-level roles, with rises ranging from 10% to 19%. Over 1,200+ Australian organisations and close to 425,000 employees were surveyed.

Top 10 jobs with the biggest pay rises in Australia:

  1. Entry-level general project engineering (19%)
  2. Senior customer relationship management (18%)
  3. Entry-level IT software development and operations (18%)
  4. Entry-level market research and analysis (14%)
  5. Entry-level general equipment repair (13%)
  6. Entry-level industrial machinery mechanic (12%)
  7. Entry-level civil/construction/structural engineering (11%)
  8. Entry-level information systems security (11%)
  9. Entry-level electrical engineering (11%)
  10. Entry-level IT, telecom and internet generalists (10%)

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