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Job Selection Process Changes

I would like to share with you some details on an interesting excerpt in the ‘Recruiter Daily' I read this morning regarding a charter that has been developed (its still in draft form), which will be open to changes pending the results of a large survey being undertaken on current recruitment processes (both with recruitment agencies and employers). The charter covers up to 10 key [...]

Job Selection Process and Psychometric Testing

Psychometric assessment or testing is frequently used early on in the job selection process (in conjunction with the job interview) with its key aim of providing the employer with a profile of the candidate and how they would fit into the workplace. Research has shown that traditional interviews do not work so employers are incorporating assessment to tighten up their recruitment. Psychometric testing is used [...]

Job Interview Techniques – Top 9 Interview Tips

As reported by 153 companies surveyed by Frank S. Endicott, Director of Placement, Northwestern University (USA), 100 Human Resource Directors and Managers were surveyed and came up with the following most important points:   1. Interviewers attach great importance to good grooming and appropriate dress: No matter how qualified you are, you may be doing yourself a great disservice if you do not pay adequate [...]

Job Interview Techniques – The Power of Non Verbal Communication

Who says it’s all about what we say? Wrong! It’s also about what we don’t say, or in other words, how we say what we say without verbalising it. Rissen-Harrisberg, a prominent body language expert states that 93% of a message is delivered through body language, facial expression, vocal tone and inflections. Dr Jurgen Ruesch, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, says that [...]

Job Interview Techniques – Apply the 3 Rules

Keep the following three rules in mind during the job interview process. These rules have been researched and statistically validated. 1. Apply the ‘50/50’ rule: Listen for 50% of the time and talk for the rest. Research has shown that applicants who apply this rule have been the most successful in getting to the next stage of the interview process or being offered the position. [...]

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