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Job Interview Tips | Phone Interviews: What You Need to Know

Meagan Weekes is a guest contributor to my Blog. She has written an interesting article outlining key tips to help you in phone interviews. Enjoy the read… Phone interviews are perhaps the trickiest of them all. Despite the fact that you can technically take a phone interview in your most unkempt state, since your potential employer would not even know if birds were nesting in [...]

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Job Interview Process | Power of Positive Body Language

Rissen-Harrisberg is a prominent body language expert who claims 93% of a message is delivered through body language, facial expression, vocal tone and inflections. Non Verbal: 55% what the interviewer(s) sees and 38% what they hear. Verbal: 7% what you say. Dr Jurgen Ruesch is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California who posits that we communicate by means of approximately 700,000 different nonverbal [...]

Job Interview Tips – Answering the Question: ‘What is Your Biggest Weakness?’

We are all humans; therefore, we all have weaknesses! I do a lot of research into the type of questions you could be asked in a job interview and the best way to respond. My biggest irk is when other industry professionals advise you to ‘deflect’ when answering the question: ‘What is your biggest weaknesses?’ Many advise you to answer the question by responding with [...]

Job Interview Tips – The Importance and Influence of Grooming, Dress and Deportment

Most of the information exchanged in the job interview is non-verbal; 93% of the manner in which we communicate is via non-verbal communication or body language. The interviewer(s)/selection panel will be immediately affected by your appearance. According to your grooming, dress and deportment on entering the room, the interviewer may decide whether or not you are suitable for the position and a good fit for [...]

Job Interview Process – Post Job Interview Tips

Jayne Blake is a guest writer on my blog; she has written an informative article on the smart things you can do after a job interview. Having a job interview can be daunting as it is, but did you ever consider that it’s what happens afterwards that can count towards your application? In today’s extremely competitive job market, applicants are doing everything they can to [...]

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Ten (10) Reasons Why a Job Interview Can Go Wrong

If anything, the current shaky economy and overcrowded job market doesn't make it any easier to find a job. In desperate job search, candidates tend to forget about the importance of interviews and fall victim to some of most basic things that might go wrong. The opportunity of a job interview is today a success itself and maybe the feeling feeds into candidates' performance – [...]

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Examples of Job Interview Questions – Challenging and Role-Specific

When clients commission me to conduct one-on-one job interview coaching sessions, I prepare specifically-tailored job interview questions relevant to the role and in readiness for their upcoming job interview. The questions I prepare for the coaching sessions are not basic; I like to challenge my clients to think in-depth and laterally. Clients have found the job interview coaching sessions an invaluable preparation tool which helps [...]

Job Interview Mistakes

Here's an interesting, very funny and unbelievable read that I'd like to share with you all. This article was featured in HR Leader's e-newsletter in November 2009 (source: What's the most unusual thing a candidate did in a job interview? Fall asleep? Disappear? Bring his/her mom? A survey of the most outrageous interview mistakes candidates have made, according to more than 3000 hiring [...]

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Job Interview Techniques – Develop the right mindset & think positively!

It’s all about the power of positive thinking – it takes you places and moves you forward. Essentially, we as humans give off a lot of energy; you get what you give off so to speak! If you walk into a job interview feeling and/or thinking negative, there is no doubt that this will affect your performance to some degree. It is important the affirmations [...]

Job Selection Process – Part II: More on the Informal Approach

Following on from my previous blog titled 'Job Selection Process and Psychometric Testing' dated 1st July 2009, I’d like to share more real-life experiences with you.   Example 1: A few months back I revamped a resume for a gentleman who had over 20 years senior management experience and had established several successful and profitable businesses. I met him face-to-face to deliver final product at his [...]