Job interview coaching sessions will provide you with the necessary verbal and non-verbal communication techniques to answer challenging job interview questions; along with the skills and confidence to approach the job interview process with self-assurance, poise and a winning attitude.

You will be provided with a specifically prepared list of targeted job interview questions to help you prepare for the interview. Basic job interview questions are out; questions are compiled to expand your mind, dig deeper and make you think outside of the box.

A FREE debriefing session after you’ve attended the interview is included as part of the package.

Three (3) important research-proven job interview rules to apply:

  1. The 50/50 rule: Listen for 50% of the time and talk for the rest. Applicants who apply this rule have been the most successful in getting to the next stage of the interview process or being offered the position.
  2. The two-minute rule: Talk for only two minutes at any one time. Applicants who talk for extended periods lose credibility. A question can be answered well in 30-60 seconds.
  3. The now-focused rule: Stay in the present. It is easy to be thinking about what might happen – the ‘what if’ thoughts. Interrupting your negative thought patterns is one of the most powerful secrets used by successful people. Staying in the ‘now’ will help your mindset stay positive.