Solid interpersonal skills are essential in the workplace. If you cannot connect with the people around you, your professional life will suffer. Interpersonal skills include empathy, listening, mediating, negotiating and persuading. Here are some helpful tips for improving your interpersonal skills:

1. Smile often and maintain a positive cheerful attitude; be friendly and upbeat.

2. Appreciate and pay attention to others by praising people around you and providing encouragement and positive feedback.

3. Listen attentively to others to show that you have heard them and understand their point of view.

4. Facilitate a collaborative working environment by encouraging others to work together.

5. Resolve conflicts as they arise; take a leadership role and learn how to be an effective mediator

6. Communicate clearly by paying attention to what and how you relay information; clear and effective communication avoids misunderstandings.

7. Use humour as an effective tool to establish rapport in situations and to gain people’s affection.

8. Be empathetic and show that you understand how the other person feels; view situations and what other people are saying from their perspective.

9. Do not complain or whine in the workplace as it will not be viewed favourably; verbalise your frustrations to family and friends outside of work.

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Annie Cerone