This client applied for the role of Investigator in an APS/Commonwealth Government agency, gained a job interview, was offered the role and accepted. The application required addressing a two-page expression of interest (EOI) demonstrating the standard APS Integrated Leadership Framework (ILS) selection criteria. The five criteria included Supports strategic direction, Achieve results, Supports productive working relationships, Displays personal drive and integrity, and Communicates with influence. Following are excerpts from three of the criteria.

Supports strategic direction.
The Department of HHH has developed and promulgated a fraud policy statement summarising its attitude to fraud with the aim of fostering an environment that encourages fraud prevention and control. Fraud management in the HHH involves a holistic approach in preventing, detecting and responding to fraud, and provides assurance that fraud in the department is appropriately and effectively managed. My experience in fraud management and evaluating fraud risk stems from my previous role as Fraud and Credit Analyst at HTC. In this role, I gained skills in identifying, analysing and evaluating fraud. I brought this knowledge to my current role within the department. In support of the HHH’s Fraud Control Plan 2013-2014, I created and published an edition of the MMM Newsletter which communicated fraud prevention and early intervention strategies with the aim of assisting colleagues to understand what fraud is, the department’s approach to fraud, and what to do if they suspected fraud. I also fostered the opportunity to raise awareness regarding fraud prevention whilst facilitating training for employees The training and publication included the Commonwealth definition of fraud and examples to help staff garner an understanding of the types of fraud and the potential damage that fraud could have on the HHH; and how staff could report fraud including links to the recording system. Overall, my holistic approach in creating an environment that encouraged fraud prevention and helped staff understand fraud risk at HHH supported the Fraud Control Plan and in turn, mitigated fraud within the department.

Supports productive working relationships.
One of the most important relationships I built and sustained were with the staff within the department’s MMM Centre. I worked collaboratively with each team member to deliver quality services to the community and created a working environment that was transparent, collaborative and unified. I provided constructive and timely feedback to staff on updated policies, procedures and processes via coaching sessions, team meetings, and email. The continual development of their skills and knowledge was facilitated as staff were updated with real time updates; in turn, they were able to provide timely and accurate information to customers. I recognised staff for their achievements and motivated them to achieve results. During individual coaching sessions, I praised staff on their metrics and emphasised their strengths, which was a key strategy in helping them maintain motivation levels to continue performing well. I transferred this motivational coaching strategy to a group setting during team meetings where I showcased team performance metrics and how this impacted (positively) on the Department. My proficiency in working collaboratively with each team member was instrumental in the team achieving 0.57 days unscheduled absences, below the target of 0.90 days for the SP. This resulted in a united team and a productive Smart Centre which boasted a high level of morale at both the individual and team levels.

Displays personal drive and integrity.
During my tenure with the HHH, I have always adhered to the APS values by gaining and applying a clear understanding of internal policy and processes. This has enabled me to develop and mentor staff in line with these values. I understand the importance of adhering to these values as I am a representative for the HHH and the government of the day. I have implemented development goals from my Individual Performance Agreement to meet business outcomes, striving for personal growth and career success. To meet this, I apply expectations to outcomes and regularly review the progress of my work. As a result, I have achieved and been formally recognised by the department across key performance metrics. In recognition of my commitment to performance, professional and personal development, I was selected by the Senior Leadership Group to backfill several Team Leader roles where I gained proactive and effective workload management skills. During my tenure in a team leadership capacity, I supported teams in achieving performance metrics. Overall, I am highly accountable and take full responsibility for all my actions. This can be demonstrated through my unscheduled absence rate, which currently stands at the full time equivalent (FTE) of 1.3 over the past 12 months. I sustain my low unscheduled absence rate by maintaining a positive work/life balance which contributes to business and customer outcomes.

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