Current knowledge of legislative obligations around workplace/occupational health and safety and how these impact employment and service delivery.

I have robust knowledge of and apply state (WA) legislation around health and safety in line with the Work Health and Safety Act 2020. This Act promotes a preventative approach to adverse incidents in the workplace environment that aims to facilitate individuals’ involvement in policy and implementation and a safe and healthy working environment for employees, visitors and those who enter the premises. It allows staff to take responsibility for workplace safety and proactively identify hazards and dangerous practices. Regarding safety in the catering departments, I continually monitored the workplace to ensure a safe environment for all staff; 30 in total from my immediate and surrounding teams working in the same area. Monitoring was key in identifying an issue in the kitchen where hospital staff were entering the premises; consequently, one staff member suffered an injury. To prevent reoccurrence, I developed and implemented a new procedure where zones were marked indicating areas where hospital staff were permitted and not permitted. Since its implementation, no injuries have been reported.

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Annie Cerone