Leading teams and operations in line with strategic direction in a strict procedural and regulatory environment.

The XYZ Air Force operated an aircraft fleet named ZZZ Trainers maintained by BAE Systems. The section I supervised was tasked with converting and performing structural modifications to several aircraft in line with BAE procedures and the government’s primary aim to bring production capabilities onshore. I took over the leadership and supervision of the team comprising four (4) staff. The project took several years to complete and was delivered on schedule. All aircraft docking platforms used to perform the tasks were contained in a hangar adjoining a large workshop. I identified the platforms were not fit for purpose and unsafe. To counter these issues, I outlined concerns to my supervisor and made recommendations, which were relayed to higher levels of management, with approval gained. I then steered and collaborated with my team on the design and manufacture of new platforms. This involved following channels to gain engineering approval for design modification and secure relevant safety certificates. Overall, my overarching task and actions aligned with the Queensland Police Service (QPS) Strategic Plan ‘Equip our workforce for the future’ Strategic Objective. As a result, modifications to the platforms were instrumental in reducing the time taken to complete structural changes to each aircraft by seven (7) days; the team encountered considerably less fatigue in carrying out modifications as the platforms were made safer and lost time injury frequency rates (LTIFR) decreased by 70%.

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