I applied strong knowledge of XXX’s Corporate Card Policy and Procedure Library when completing various accuracy-driven tasks. I referenced this policy continually when reviewing and approving corporate card applications. When I determined applications were completed incorrectly by a cardholder or a staff member’s finance office on their behalf, I referred to a specific section in the policy; namely, Section 6: Obtaining a Corporate Card. This outlined the correct procedure for completing applications. In preparing end-of-month reporting, I referenced a calendar in the policy (Section 8.5: Outstanding Reconciliations) for the breakdown of deadline submissions dates for reconciliations throughout the entire year and corresponding terms and conditions (T&Cs). I also referred to Section 7.4: Card Use to correctly address enquires relating to whether a particular purchase was permitted on a corporate card. Specifically, enquiries related to portable and attractive items; Section 7.4 provided an exhaustive list in point form outlining all items that were strictly prohibited.

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