My client applied for the role of Telehealth Support Officer in State (WA) Government and progressed to the job interview stage. The application involved addressing eight essential and three desirable selection criteria. Two demonstrable examples using STAR model follow from one essential and one desirable criteria.

Sound conceptual, analytical and problem solving skills.

Working as a Field Service Engineer, I dealt with a variety of problems which arose due to system instability/error as well as user operational error. While many could be resolved easily, there were also issues that were more complex in nature and required a more detailed process to resolve. XYZ took over the maintenance contract of all ABC stores’ voice telecommunication systems. One of their stores in Perth used an old phone system with over 150 users which began to malfunction and was affecting their ability to service customers. I was tasked with managing the investigation of the issue and finding a resolution. Upon initial investigation, I discovered the error was caused by the backplane of the phone system – the whole system chassis needed replacement. Replacing the entire system did not fall in with the budget allocated; therefore, I searched for a second-hand chassis and found one in the company’s Sydney warehouse. The replacement equipment was then sent on an overnight courier and whereupon I immediately connected and restored the system. Throughout the process, I kept the customer continually updated on the progress. The customer was extremely satisfied as the issue had been going on long before the company took over the maintenance contract, and the previous contractor was unable to resolve.

Experience of working within ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) framework and/or be ITIL certified to Foundation level.

From an educational standpoint, the subject of ITIL was covered while I studied the CCNA certification, and also during the Certificate IV in Telecommunications Network Engineering. The processes and procedures I applied throughout my working career in ICT have always been within the ITIL framework. For example, I was tasked with installing a system for a client, which involved replacing an old TDM (digital) base phone system servicing over 400 users with a new system with VoIP capabilities and UC functions. I approached the task by applying the following ITIL principles across four phases: Plan, Deliver, Operate, and Manage. As a result, system installation was completed on time, fully tested for all the required functions, and client support staff were fully trained so they were able to maintain the day-to-day operations of the system.

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