My client applied for the role of Senior Investigator in State (WA) Government and progressed to the interview stage. The application involved addressing five (5) selection criteria in three pages maximum. Following are excerpts from two of the criteria.

Legislative compliance.

On a large-scale investigation involving stealing from a high profile multi-national organisation across a wide spread geographical area, I was tasked with investigating the crimes and bringing offenders to justice within a six-week timeframe. I identified offences for consideration under the Criminal Code Act (Qld) 1899 – s398, Stealing, s421, Enter premises and commit an indictable offence. My investigation plan outlined objectives to be achieved within given timeframes to ensure completion by due date and that the officers I led had visibility of these expectations in accordance with the legislation. I coached officers on how to action the steps to facilitate the production and submission of video evidence in court in line with mandated requirements as outlined in the Evidence Act (Qld) 1977. When I conducted lengthy court-compliant interviews with the offenders, I adhered to the Police Powers and Responsibilities Regulation (Qld) 2012. I completed the investigation before the deadline within 28 days and a successful prosecution with numerous convictions resulted.

Written communication.

When I conducted a cold case investigation into two men missing dating back to 1986, I constructed a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and supplementary written documentation outlining evidence held to date, the witnesses involved, and suspicions about the person of interest. With this information on hand, I then briefed senior XYZ staff and the Executive Legal Officer. I also developed a comprehensive report outlining 26 years of investigative work on this case. I succinctly outlined the evidence and nominated possible alternatives and the likelihood of this occurring based on the evidence presented. Combined, the documentation I prepared was instrumental in securing additional evidence which led to a completed report for the Coroner. They judged the report as highly satisfactory and reached an evidence-based conclusion.

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