My client applied for the role of Ranger in State (QLD) Government and progressed to the job interview stage. The application involved addressing six selection criteria across two pages; five Capability Leadership Framework (CLF) criteria plus an additional technical/knowledge criterion. Excerpts from two of the criteria follow.

Displays Personal Drive and Integrity.

Across all my roles and when volunteering on conservation projects, I strictly followed policies and procedures on occupational, health, safety and environment (OHSE). I read them thoroughly before starting work on a job/task/project and referred to them as needed throughout. I used correct personal protective equipment (PPE) on worksites, including gloves, safety glasses, steel-capped boots, hard hat, long sleeve shirts, and long pants; and when working outdoors, I applied sunscreen on my hands and face during each break, and ensured I was hydrated through the day by drinking water.

On a project I recently joined, I noticed a team member was not using anti-vibration gloves when operating a jackhammer. I brought this to the attention of the leading hand where they advised not to be concerned. I realised if I did not speak up further then the entire team could be injured. Therefore, I approached the HSE Manager and reported my findings. The HSE Manager advised that reporting this issue was the best and right thing to do and the issue was fixed immediately.


I completed a Diploma of Conservation and Land Management where I gained knowledge on natural resource management (NRM) practices. They included conducting biological surveys; developing environmental management plans; dealing with pest plant and animal issues, erosion and sediment control measures; developing and planning for river restoration, health and safety issues; mapping and costing.

I have years of experience in construction and general labouring with intermediate level trade skills in general construction, repairs and maintenance. Across my labouring roles, I have used a wide variety of tools and machinery, including jackhammer; power tools such as battery drill, circular saw, sabre saw, hammer, and torches. General labouring has also involved constructing blocks of residential units; specifically, pouring concrete, steel fixing and onsite cleanup. When I volunteered and performed tree planting and weeding duties with several environmental organisations, I used hand tools, including a Hamilton, pickaxe and shovel; and with weeding, I used cut and spray method with herbicide; I dug holes and planted trees (gumtrees, various wattles and small shrubs).

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Annie Cerone