My client applied for the role of Manager Game Compliance in State (VIC) Government and won a job interview. She came in second to a candidate with 15 years’ experience. This was a very large application involving the addressing of 10 selection criteria across four pages in total. Following are excerpts from two of the criteria.

Previous investigative or compliance / enforcement experience is required.

In my current role, as Manager LLL within the TTT Commission, I identified a significant reputational and safety risk to the industry through data analysis of current licensing records, My analysis revealed expired licensed vehicles were continuing to operate as unauthorised taxis well after their authorisation had lapsed, Upon identifying the initial non-compliance, I conducted a full review of data from various sources and consulted with compliance team leaders and the executive to form a consensus on the weight of the risk and level of compliance activity in field. The result was an initial operation of illegal taxis called Operation XYZ. This four-week operation resulted in over 100 illegal taxis being removed from the industry. Following on from the initial pilot the process was finalised and worked into the regular compliance activities of the on-road officers. To drive self-regulation, I published regular industry communications explaining their obligations and the possible consequence of non-compliance in conjunction with developing and operationalising individual communications to taxi owners. As a result of both identifying the non-compliance and developing the action plan, I ensured the reputation of the organisation was maintained and the initial steps of self-regulation were enacted. Through the second phase of industry education, I received rare positive feedback from an industry body who rarely commended regulators.

An ability to undertake mention court prosecutions and provide evidence in a court as required.

I have been a key witness for the XYZ on several occasions; most recently for the ZZZ landmark case which was won in December 2017. I represent the XYZ for infringement appeals at Magistrates Court, at the review of decisions at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), as the key witness for the prosecution at the Magistrates Court on general prosecutions for non-compliance (illegal/unlicensed activities), and in jurisdictional and legislative reviews at Supreme Court. I have prepared numerous witness statements and affidavits and appeared in court on a monthly basis. In my roles within the XYZ industry, I have been the key delegate and decision maker in most disciplinary matters at VCAT and the Magistrates Court. I appear as a witness for the TSC providing expert testimony in regards to legislative interpretation and also as the decision maker in non-compliance and disciplinary matters. I have extensive experience working with in-house counsel and for high profile matters involving external counsel when it is deemed necessary to brief out matters to more experienced and specialised barristers. I am a confident and highly regarded witness with a high success rate.

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Annie Cerone