My client gained a job interview after having applied for the role of Workforce Scheduler in an APS/Federal Government department. A total of four criteria required addressing, each with a 400 word length limit. Following is a full excerpt of one of the selection criteria.

High level verbal and written communication skills including the ability to compose clear, accurate and professional documentation.

An important part of my role involves coordinating overtime with the PPP Smart Centre teams. When a recent change occurred in relation to the lodgement and approval process of overtime, I handled and managed communications with all teams. I used one primary communication medium (email) to help explain the functions of the Share Point application tool which most staff had not used. I compiled an email to teams and their managers on this new process and the guidelines for overtime applications which included relevant task cards for users. My email communication outlined the importance of timeframes to adhere to for lodgement of overtime preferences and the implications of late overtime lodgement being unapproved. I emphasised the importance of updating details correctly to avoid being disadvantaged in obtaining overtime approval based on the information staff provided within the Share Point tool. My explanation in writing was clear and to the point in order to facilitate understanding and to make the transition process run smoothly. I outlined in my email the support I would provide to staff – via messaging, telephone or in person – to provide verbal guidance (in a step-by-step manner) in setting up Share Point information. I tailored/modified my communication style and support based on several factors, including individual needs, knowledge of software applications, and time constraints for staff, in particular in a blended telephony and processing environment. I also explained a separate process for team leaders wanting to work overtime within these emails. I demonstrated my support to Team Leaders and focused my communication (via email) on key points regarding the Share Point tool that would alleviate the collation of overtime spreadsheets from individual staff that Team Leaders were tasked. As a viable alternative, they would only need to action staff overtime once a week prior to close of business in line with the direction from the national overtime team. This would save Team Leaders a considerable amount of time allowing them to focus on more important business and staff needs. Overall, I was successful in assisting staff with the Share Point process in the early stages of the overtime rollout. This was largely attributable to my strong skills in effectively communicating the process to ensure understanding; the process has been implemented locally and remains in use to date.

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Annie Cerone