This particular repeat business client applied for the role of Advisor for the Commonwealth Games in a State (QLD) Government department which resulted in an interview. A two-page statement was requested to address five selection criteria/capabilities/competencies. Following are full excerpts of two of the criteria.

Communicates clearly.
I use well-developed verbal and written communication skills when liaising with TTT’s External Affairs team; they regularly deal with Ministers from the Department of PPP, and frequently ask my Executive Director for information. My role involves dealing with incoming requests in order to obtain, collate and relay in-depth information to staff at management and executive levels. Very often, the information I receive from the External Affairs team is basic and not comprehensive enough; therefore, I apply astute skills in reading between the lines to determine relevance and specifics. When I have determined relevancy, I then communicate this information (in person and via email) to my immediate team (comprising 10 staff); information is relayed in a concise yet much more detail-oriented manner than was originally received. Especially, the manner in which I articulate the information via email is structured in very short bulleted points in no more than 20 words for each point, and I include only a short number of points, no more than five; and I highlight the main areas being requested by the External Affairs team. Thereafter, I enter discussions with the Manager of the Communications team; I essentially verbalise the content that was developed in the email. As the Manager has a very busy schedule and a lot on her mind, I use astute interpersonal skills to identify when she has not heard me; in these instances, I repeat the information again to ensure she has heard the essential points. I have received positive feedback from the External Affairs team indicating the information I provided was accurate, relevant and what they specifically requested, and they also commended me on my high level communication skills.

Acts proactively.
I was involved in a large and complex tender process toward recently in the capacity of secretary. This involved completing multiple tasks in a short timeframe. The objective and deadline was to complete the necessary tasks to reach the final stage of the tendering process by the end of the 2015 calendar year. Tasks involved compiling a large number of documents – 108 in total from the different companies that submitted tenders – sent from the procurement team; attending meetings and recording minutes of the members’ comments on each of the documents tendered; writing and forwarding minutes to the procurement team advising of the top four companies selected to move forward to the final presentation stage. During the process, I was faced with challenges which I handled in a positive and proactive manner. This was my first experience with the tendering process; no training or guidelines were provided – all learning took place on the job at an experiential level. When I encountered an area of difficulty, I took initiative by asking and seeking advice from my Executive Director; I asked for feedback on whether I was on the right track, and for clarification on the process. I received praise from panel members who were managing the tendering process and shortlisting candidates (companies); they commended me on completing all the tasks two weeks before the end of year, and on my accuracy, presentation and strict attention to detail in the preparation of the information (minutes).

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Annie Cerone