This repeat business client applied for the role of Advisor for the Commonwealth Games in a State (QLD) Government department which resulted in an interview. A two-page statement was requested to address five selection criteria/capabilities/competencies. Following is a full example of one of the criteria.

Communicates clearly.
My current role involves dealing with incoming requests in order to obtain, collate and relay in-depth information to staff at management and executive levels. Very often, the information I receive from the External Affairs team is basic and not comprehensive enough; therefore, I apply astute skills in reading between the lines to determine relevance and specifics. When I have determined relevancy, I then communicate this information (in person and via email) to my immediate team (comprising 10 staff); information is relayed in a concise yet much more detail-oriented manner than was originally received. Especially, the manner in which I articulate the information via email is structured in very short bulleted points in no more than 20 words for each point, and I include only a short number of points, no more than five; and I highlight the main areas being requested by the External Affairs team. Thereafter, I enter discussions with the Manager of the Communications team; I essentially verbalise the content that was developed in the email. As the Manager has a very busy schedule and a lot on her mind, I use astute interpersonal skills to identify when she has not heard me; in these instances, I repeat the information again to ensure she has heard the essential points. I have received positive feedback from the External Affairs team indicating the information I provided was accurate, relevant and what they specifically requested, and they also commended me on my high level communication skills.

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Annie Cerone