My client applied for the role of Administrative & Business Support Officer in State (QLD) Government. She progressed to the job interview stage, was offered the role and accepted. A two-page statement addressing six criteria was prepared. Following is a full excerpt of one criterion.

High level customer service skills, interpersonal and communication skills.

For a 14 year period I worked in an administrative capacity at the University of XYZ. My role involved direct customer (student) contact on a continuous daily basis; I was often the first point of contact for existing and potential new students. I was proactive in my relationship with students and established a loyal student base. To achieve this, I followed a regular direct calling program to discuss their needs and I made myself available during the work day via face-to-face contact. I also regularly identified students’ needs and provided solutions. For example, an overseas student enquired about her English language result as she felt there was a discrepancy in her final result. After having a conversation with her in the privacy of my office, I discovered what was really concerning her: struggling with English, feeling homesick and wanting to return to her home country. As she was not comfortable talking with her teacher, I did so on her behalf and we were able to resolve the issue by providing her with counselling support. She was very appreciative of my help and support, and left my office in a less anxious state as she knew she would be receiving help going forward.

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Annie Cerone