This client applied for the role of Development Director at a Grammar School in Victoria and secured a job interview. Aside from preparing a well-developed resume, I also developed a 2.5 page cover letter addressing six criteria. Following are full examples of two of the selection criteria.

Developing, driving and executing strategic plans.
Much of my experience in the education sector has centred on the development of strategic relationship management plans (alumni, community, and fundraising) that aim to raise awareness of schools/colleges and build a sense of belonging and ownership about the future. These plans responded to each organisation’s strategic plan and resulted in increased community engagement with growth in giving programs, and volunteer commitment. I am presently collaborating with SS College’s senior management team to develop the new strategic plan. The plan’s objective is to achieve improvements across key areas, including an increase in applications (particularly from young men), enrolments and scholarships, improved health and well being programs (psychology counselling and careers counselling), an increase in residential accommodation and tutorial rooms, and other new programs such as mentoring which focus on facilitating greater engagement from the community.

Implementation of processes and systems to integrate and streamline administrative functions.
During my tenure at NN School a new web-based platform was implemented which integrated specific key functions such as student records, accounting, and fundraising. My involvement in this process centred on managing the student records component to ensure its streamlined integration into the new system. I worked closely with the School’s Records Manager to choose the relevant software and to discuss steps needed in setting up the new system. The new platform ran on a centralised database and replaced the use of multiple spreadsheets. When implemented, my role then involved ensuring student records were maintained in terms of currency; for example, issues relating to parental access to students were entered in the system. The new platform provided immediate benefits: access to information by staff was easier, timelier, and security-driven; and helped senior management with project planning, highlighted key issues, and allowed the quick location and access of information needed for decision-making processes. Overall, the platform provided all staff with access in real-time with different levels of security allocated.

I’m here to market you!


Annie Cerone