This client applied for the role of Teacher Hairdressing within a TAFE institution in state (Queensland) Government. The application involved preparing a suitability statement addressing selection criteria based on the Queensland Public Service (QPS) Capability Leadership Framework (CLF). Five standard selection criteria are contained in the CLF:

[1] supports strategic direction, [2] achieves results, [3] supports productive working relationships, [4] displays personal drive and integrity, and [5] communicates with influence. Based on the quality of my client’s written application, she gained a job interview and was offered the role which she gladly accepted. Following are excerpts from two of the selection criteria.

Achieves results.

Whilst working in a management capacity, I recognised the need for change in order to ensure performance targets were met and that both individuals and teams functioned productively and to the best of their abilities. In order to keep abreast of the changes within the industry, I researched subjects and consulted with colleagues. This facilitated the process of continually adapting to the most recent innovations and changes in technologies and techniques in the hairdressing field. To drive profitability and the continual growth of the business, I monitored expenses ensuring they were kept to a minimum; I addressed issues such as cross training of all staff; and I implemented stock control programs to improve stock levels, to reduce cost of goods, and to improve gross profit while ensuring the business consistently had on hand the appropriate products to meet customers’ needs.

To improve monthly service levels, I facilitated and chaired team workshops whereupon a number of new key marketing strategies were generated. Strategies included flyer distribution, new client packs, friend incentive introduction, and upselling new services. I led the process of implementing these strategies which were successful in increasing both products and services purchased by clients, in increasing client satisfaction and expanding the client base. This, in turn, increased overall sales from services, and through the collaborative efforts of the team, service targets were achieved.

Communicates with influence.

When I worked in the capacity of a Trainer/Assessor, I was tasked with finding job placements for course participants. I liaised, consulted and negotiated with internal and external stakeholders on the participants’ behalf to place them in the workforce. To ensure participants had the best opportunity to succeed in their placements, I developed a business needs analysis for the stakeholders. After requiring all information for the analysis, I facilitated discussions as a group to develop, design and implement a detailed training program.

Throughout the process of the participants undertaking their placement, I assessed their competency levels and discussed further training requirements with each of them individually; I referred results onto colleagues and consulted with them on participants’ progress and on areas where they required additional training; I gathered and discussed feedback from all parties involved; I renegotiated and restructured training plans with stakeholders, colleagues and participants; and I documented all feedback, progress, re-evaluations and negotiations.

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Annie Cerone