This particular client applied for the role of School Partnerships Coordinator in the tertiary sector (a university in Victoria) and gained an interview. Typically, applications for roles in the tertiary sector involve addressing more criteria than asked for in government sector applications; and they are categorised into Essential and Desirable components with many more criteria in the Essential category. This particular application required the addressing of eight essential criteria and one desirable criterion. Typically for the desirable component, a single concise paragraph for each criterion is sufficient. Full examples of one of the essential criteria and one desirable criterion follow.


Demonstrated success in developing and implementing programs to benefit students and families in the educational sector.

I have previously participated in the development and implementation of the French Language Exchange Program at PPP. This program resulted in the placement of 40 students in France’s LLL region where I was chaperone to the group for a six week period. The quality of the program and the respect students showed to French families engendered commendation by many parents; students were able to attend French schools as well as stay with French families. I developed and implemented the AIM method in conjunction with the Arts Department where parents attended the plays that students created after each semester at III School. The French Immersion Program was an ongoing success because both students and parents were able to monitor their progress throughout. I have also facilitated the learning process of language skills and classroom management for community language teachers throughout Victoria. These training sessions were completed successfully and resulted in higher attendance as well as providing benefits to families and students who were learning community languages. I have also coordinated just-in-time lectures, academic orientations, and workshops on various teaching and learning topics at SSS which focused on student learning support. These programs were well attended have been made available for online access.


Experience in budget management and reporting.

As Senior Administrative Officer at RRR, I gained experience in budget management and reporting processes; I managed the budget requirements for the examination period; attended meetings and wrote the report for the examinations of the Faculty of Engineering. As a Head of SSS at WWW College, I managed the budget for the SSS program which included payments for excursion, resources and staff; and I developed and wrote the yearly report requested by senior management. As Learning Skills Advisor at SSS, I wrote the Higher Education Report for 2008 and 2009 on behalf of the management team; I also attended departmental meetings, and planned higher education academic staff meetings to discuss budgetary requirements, progress of projects/works, and so forth.

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