This particular client applied for the role of Locations & Film Services Manager in State (WA) Government and was successful in gaining a job interview. A two-page document was developed addressing six selection criteria. Following are part excerpts from three of the criteria.

Achieves Results.
As the producer of a successful program (D&E) on the XXX television network, executives stipulated a change in direction/focus. I was tasked with project managing the program’s reinvigoration and relaunch. The XXX decided to pitch to a younger demographic in line with its shift in audience strategy. A key challenge involved tapping into a broader audience; specifically, a younger targeted audience. I oversaw gradual changes which involved recasting and developing new content for the program. I managed the development of content and an overall new theme, as well as hiring and running a new production team. I adopted strategies to target and tap into the new audience via the use of social media and digital tools. Overall, these strategies combined with the program’s refocus on new talent and new faces to the screen which showcased Australia’s next generation of artists, was instrumental in generating broader exposure for the program and in gaining strong viewership ratings from a younger demographic.

Builds Productive Relationships.
When I chair a range of meetings – both formal and informal in nature – to ensure team members are heard and provided equal opportunity to speak, I elicit discussion and feedback from everyone in the room, emphasising the importance of generating new ideas and suggestions. This engenders feelings of value, trust and worth amongst attendees, and strengthens strong relationships between team members. During the natural disaster involving the volcanic ash explosion in Iceland, cast were unable to fly to studios in this country for filming. I created an information-sharing environment by motivating my team to discuss viable solutions. Collaboratively and unanimously, a solution was recommended and actioned. Subsequently, this led to filming continuing seamlessly and as scheduled as cancellation was not an option as this would have adversely impacted on the budget. Furthermore, audience rating ranked high for the program.

Exemplifies Personal Integrity and Self Awareness.
I demonstrate strong ethical standards especially with regard to the welfare of staff. When I was previously involved in producing a scripted comedy show, many cast members were under the age of 18 years; unfortunately during production, the filming finished late into the evening. The previous production team had them commute home late into the evening by public transport. As the new producer, I determined this was detrimental to their safety. Therefore, I reorganised production to implement a runner who served to transport the young cast members to their homes at the end of the day. Although executives were resistant to the change initially, I demonstrated how this strategy would not incur additional costs and the targeted budget would be maintained. As a result, the production schedule stayed on track, and the young cast members felt safer and valued.

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Annie Cerone