This particular client applied for a Graduate Radiographer role in state (Qld) government with Queensland Health (QH) and gained a job interview. QH, like the majority of state government departments in Queensland typically specify the addressing of competencies, skills and attributes in cover letter format, maximum of two pages in length. Six key competency areas required addressing including: patient focus, team focus, quality focus, continuous learning, technical skills, and work values. Following are excerpts from three of the six competencies addressed.

Quality Focus…

On different clinic placements, I adhered to quality systems. For example, at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, when performing ICU rounds, I logged x-ray exposure factors, so if the image quality was good, then the same exposure factors could then be used on that patient if the same x-ray was required again later. I adhered to the ALARA-based QA system when I assisted with ICU rounds. During my tenure in the general and emergency departments on different clinical placements, I took notes of the quality of x-rays that different exposure factors produced with different body types, and adjusted accordingly for following x-rays in order to improve their quality.

Continuous Learning…

My transition from a chiropractic assistant to radiographer student demonstrates a direction and vision for progressive professional development. During my second year of studies at university, I applied and was granted student membership into the Australian Institute of Radiography (AIR). Since that time I have attended a number of their conferences and seminars including the Annual Papers Day and Forensic Radiography to facilitate the process of ongoing learning and development. In my role as a chiropractic assistant, I am frequently called upon to deliver training to new chiropractic assistant staff members. I facilitate the training process to include sharing of information and knowledge on a variety of topics, such as how to massage patients properly, how the workflow during a shift should function efficiently, and appropriate ways to communicate and deal with patients in certain situations. Whilst on my three clinical placements, I gained new-found knowledge and understanding of different patient imaging protocols which I adhered to when x-raying patients.

Technical Skills…

I have developed technical skills for radiography during my medical imaging undergraduate tertiary program and while on clinical placements. During the practical laboratory sessions at university, I developed and improved my general radiography and image viewing skills during first and second year and successfully passed both components. Across my three clinical placements, I was rostered in the areas of general and emergency radiography, fluoroscopy, mobile, and operating theatre procedures. During this time, I actively participated in the above-mentioned areas which have led to a significant improvement in skills and the development of practical knowledge in these areas.

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