This client applied for an internal Administrator role within Queensland Health (QH) and was successful in gaining an interview. A two-page statement required the addressing of six selection criteria (or competencies, capabilities, skill requirements) – these terms are used interchangeably across different roles and government departments. Entire content/examples developed for three of the criteria follow.

Demonstrated ability to carry out a range of duties with minimal supervision, manage competing work priorities, meet deadlines and be attentive to detail.
In my current role, all task work undertaken on a daily basis is completed unsupervised. In processing applications for travel bookings, every morning I assess each individual application to determine and prioritise the level of urgency and/or importance. In doing so, I take into consideration several factors: travel dates, conference or clinics, the destination staff are travelling to as flights may be restricted, and accommodation and flight availability. All applications are processed with the volume averaging up to 40 applications on a daily basis. I follow a structured timeline for the processing of non-urgent applications which are completed at least one month prior to travel. Very often I receive late applications from medical staff who require travel to remote areas with travel typically required within a 48 hour period. I have set a timeline for the processing and completion of these applications: within 24 hours. I enter travel details for all applications into a register/database and the department’s system – the system collates statistics on the time taken to process each file/application. On a weekly basis, I receive emails from the management team and other internal QH divisions commending me on my promptness and efficiency in processing applications.

A basic understanding of medical rostering principles would be highly regarded.
When previously employed in an administrative capacity within QH’s MM Unit, I prepared and maintained after hours and on-call rosters for consultants and Resident Medical Officers. I was responsible for distributing pay slips, correspondence and mail generation; certificates of service; and processing Attendance Variation and Allowance Claim (AVAC) forms as well as sick leave, annual leave, and overtime; arranging orientation and hospital access. In my current role, I have performed the above duties as well as roster workload management. I am aware of where to locate human resources directives and policies in regards to employment conditions on QH’s intranet and I have an understanding of the subject matter contained in these documents.

Knowledge of, or the ability to, rapidly acquire knowledge of departmental standards and practices.
Within the TT office in which I am presently employed, I adhere to 11 departmental standards, directives, agreements and practices when competing day-to-day tasks. Several include Implementation Standard for Overseas and Domestic Travel, Domestic Travelling and Relieving Expenses Policy, and HR Policy Seminar and Conference Leave – Within and Outside Australia. It is important I follow these standards and practices for several reasons, including auditing purposes, to ensure staff receive the correct amount of allowances and entitlements, and to ensure all travel requests are approved and processed in accordance with the requirements of Government legislation, travel policy and corporate procedures, and to adhere to stipulated costs within contractual limitations.

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