This repeat business client has gained job interviews from previously prepared applications, steadily progressing through the ranks of the APS. This time around the application involved addressing selection criteria for an EL2 level role (Account Unit Head, National Water) in another APS government department. She was successful in gaining a job interview and was offered the role and accepted. Seven selection criteria required addressing; the following is a full example of one of the criteria.

Ability to build productive working relationships with a wide range of people and to adapt to different working environments.

Over the last two years I led the delivery of the annual urban and rural BBBs; they provided a detailed account of the performance of urban and rural water utilities. I facilitated and chaired urban and AAA groups comprising representatives from state and territories, from the WWW, and the Department of CCC. These representatives collectively managed the collation of BBB data. AAA groups met face-to-face several times a year and on the telephone. The production of BBB reports would not have been possible without the jurisdictions. Furthermore, data in the reports underpin other data collection activities such as detailed state performance reports and regulatory pricing assessments. I formed a close working relationship with many AAA group members who had a strong personal commitment to the process. Understanding and respecting their passion was critical in ensuring strong relationships were maintained. Facilitating meetings involved organising agendas and minutes and ensuring matters were actioned, which all served to build and maintain trust and consensus. This worked very well as the group often effectively reached their own conclusions and decisions, without me having to intervene.

The main challenge encountered throughout the process was the differing state priorities amongst the jurisdictional groups. One very difficult issue was regarding amendments to prior year data. The AAA group had opposing views. This issue was discussed at several meetings without resolution. As the Chairperson, I decided not to make a determination as I felt this would undermine the strong relationships I was forming. Eventually a compromise was reached by agreeing to adjust data (only when it was a significant error) and including an explanatory footnote. Overall, the strong working relationships facilitated signification advancement in the urban and rural BBB reports over a two year period.

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Annie Cerone