My client applied for the role of Proof Reader in APS Government and progressed to the job interview stage. The application involved addressing five (5) selection criteria with a stipulated 300-word length limit for each. The following are excerpts from two of the criteria.

Strong attention to detail and high-level English language skills, particularly written.

In my most recent role at the Department of XYZ, I wrote numerous briefs for executive-level staff members which arose from board recommendations. I prepared the briefs in summary style containing factual content as well as legal terminology. I read, selected, summarised and incorporated information contained from various sources – such as Psychologist reports, and from within the department’s main system – into the briefs. I structured sentences and content concisely throughout and wrote objectively without subjectivity. I proofread the briefs twice before submitting to identify and correct any details I may have missed in the first proof, as well as errors such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typographical errors. I used both Grammarly and Microsoft Word’s Spelling and Grammar check tools. My first attempt at preparing a brief when I commenced my role at the department was rated as well above average. Continually throughout my tenure, I was advised by my manager the quality of briefs I prepared was at a very high standard.

A sound level of computer skills with expertise in Microsoft Word and template management.

I am highly competent in using a wide range of software and systems, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook); enterprise resource planning (ERP) package (Oracle PeopleSoft); departmental (government) specific records management systems (RMS). I was previously responsible for updating company documentation and templates. I used specific templates for project and contract documents up to 300 pages in length and created new templates for different types of technical and sales documents. The technical templates were used by the engineering team to add and update information for specific projects relevant to their field and the work conducted on each project. I incorporated hyperlinks and standardised sections to facilitate quick access and ease of use. Feedback received from managers indicated the templates were high quality, 100% accurate, and easy to both use and locate in the system.

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Annie Cerone