My client applied for the role of Intelligence Analyst in State (QLD) Government. He was shortlisted with 50 others for an interview from a total of 600 applicants; 15 job vacancies were on offer. A total of 5 selection criteria based on the QLD Capability Leadership Framework (CLF) required addressing in two pages. Following is a full excerpt of one criterion.

Supports productive working relationships:

One of my achievements centred on facilitating productive working relationships was when I mentored a junior colleague (officer) for three months on how to increase the standard and timely production of his arrest files and court documentation. In the early stages as we collaborated and I acted as mentor, we identified the common issues and agreed on a work plan to increase his individual performance. We also discussed the principles of time management and the importance of submitting accurate reports. When the time arose for this officer to prepare a file for prosecution, I highlighted specific tasks for him to complete and continually provided constructive feedback on his performance. When an issue was identified, we jointly discussed the situation and I gave him the opportunity and autonomy to find a solution and resolve the matter. This was particularly important for the officer as it instilled self-belief and confidence in his skills and capabilities. Our working relationship was also maintained and grew strong through trust as I kept all our discussions – including his errors and weaknesses – confidential. As a result, the officer began to perform at a higher level without assistance at the stage of four prosecution files and proceeded to produce court documents to a higher standard with no errors; which in turn, reduced additional paperwork and made him more productive. Improvement in his individual performance also impacted positively at a team level: he became more confident and was more open in asking other experienced members for advice and guidance when needed. His time management skills also improved, thus allowing him to volunteer for other team tasks. This was noted by my supervisor and I received verbal recognition for my support and mentoring.

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Annie Cerone